Be Warned: Top 3 Lies Internet Providers Tell

Posted by Ramon Marshall on March 21st, 2019

According to statistics, the number of internet users in the US is predicted to cross the three hundred and seventeen million mark by 2023. For those of you who aren’t good with math, that’s a whole lot of people online and a need for ISPs to step up their game.

Where numerous internet service providers like Rise Broadband and Metronet that are stepping up their game and rivaling giants like Comcast Cable by way of service, this is not so for all ISPs.

The Lies ISPs Tell Us

Lying to some is part and parcel of being a salesman. If you want to make a good pitch you need to twist the truth a little. Though many of us may disagree with this, it doesn’t keep others from going ahead and spinning a yarn or two in order to lock in a deal.

We’ve asked around and come up with three lies many internet service providers in the US try to sell customers. These are just the kind of lies you should be aware of because if someone’s lying to you, chances are their services might not even be quite what they claim!

Our Cable Internet is Non-Shared

Many ISPs may claim that they can provide you far better internet speeds with lesser drops in internet quality during peak hours. If they claim this is so because they have servers exclusively dedicated to you or a miniscule number of subscribers, they’re lying.

As the aforementioned statistics will show, there are a lot of subscribers to cater to and ANY internet service provider with a half decent reputation will probably be sharing servers left right and center at some stage or the other.

In actuality, a reliable ISP will simply make sure that their bandwidth-to-subscriber ratios are the sort that allow for good internet service all round.

We Offer Speeds Reaching 320MB/s

This is a tricky one because they’re really playing in the gray. The problem with this statement and others like it is that they aren’t talking about what you will experience at an average. They’re said like they’re referring to your minute to minute experience but the keyword here is ‘reaching’; another example is when they say “offering speeds up to”.

The problem with these is that they’re talking about their maximum speed potential. The average or daily speed could well be a fraction of the stated amount. Be wary of such statements and make inquiries about the usual speed and other particulars like latency if needed.

Long-Term Contracts are the Way to Go

Though this may hold true for an ISP you’re familiar with and know delivers when it comes to speed and overall service, you need to watch out for this one when dealing with new ISPs. The goal here is to commit you to a long-term contract.

Once this is done, you’ll be stuck with what could possibly be terrible contractual terms and conditions, limited usage and shoddy internet speed. You may also face lofty additional charges upon exceeding your data limit or premature contract termination. If you’re thinking of locking in long term, be sure you know what you’re getting into!

In Conclusion

There are other things certain ISP representatives may tell you in order to get you to sign on to a service plan or contract in a hurry. Take your time, do your research and if something seems shady, don’t go for it. You could also make sure you connect exclusively with reliable ISPs by using certain online facilitation engines.

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