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Posted by Melda Research on April 9th, 2019

My perfect dream job is becoming a successful businessman. The thought of working as an entrepreneur tend to excite me. Ten years from now, I see myself as a successful person with different businesses across the country. The good thing is that being a successful businessman will mean that I will never be in short supply of money. I see myself as being a global business person who will be handling different businesses with other company. When performing my duties, I will interact with other successful business people both locally and internationally. As a successful business person, I will have several homes in different states because of what my job entails. However, the main home, where I will live together with my family, will be in California. Ten years from now, my job will entail being the manager of my construction company. As the manager of my big company, I will have to play a great responsibility in seeing that the operations of the company happen as planned. The great percentage of my job will entail managing the company and also supervising my juniors include supervisors and other managers. My job will also involve determining what contracts the company should take and what not to take.

I am studying general business in university, and I believe my major will help me to achieve my dream and be a successful businessman. Business tends to touch on almost every aspect of modern human society, and it is a course that is in high demand across the world. When studying general business, it offers various career options that are also highly paid. Thus, my major will provide me with an opportunity of learning various things that will help me to be successful as a businessman. There are various careers with the business degree, and after I complete my university course, I will look for jobs that will provide me with experience in business operations. After I complete my university studies, I will use my major to pursue roles in small and medium sized enterprises so that I can acquire more knowledge related to business. The knowledge I will gain and also experience will enable me to start my own business and get to my dream job.

My signature strengths include empathy, developer, and positivity. My strength of a developer will help me get my dream job through the ability of seeing in everything that I see. When I see something, I am normally trying hard to get a strategy that will improve something, and it is an essential strength in helping me achieve my dream of becoming a successful businessman. The empathy Strength involves the ability of seeing then world through the eyes of others and sharing their perspectives. As a businessman, I will have to interact with many people. Thus, the empathy strength will help me in building trust with people through letting them know I am aware of how they feel; hence, it will result in the business relationship. The positivity strength is essential because it will help me excel in any role that I take in highlighting the positive. My attitude of positivity will always help others and keep them moving even during hard times. I will use the acquired skills in my course and also my signatures strengths to help me succeed in my career.

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