Where are Online UPS Systems Useful

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Online UPS systems have a great role in offering quality power supply consistently to the concerned appliances under any circumstances. They are reliable, standardized, and are excellently used for providing substantial power and enable manifold applications. But, where are they used actually? Read on to get the answer.

All of us know that UPS systems are the Uninterrupted Power Supply systems that ensure consistent voltage supply to different kinds of electrical and electronic equipment. Among the assorted varieties, online UPS systems are more commonly used nowadays.

Online UPS Systems

Online UPS systems utilize double conversion technology. With the help of this technology, the AC power from the supply travels through a rectifier where it is converted to DC power. This DC power passes along the battery and inverter.

Once again, it is converted to AC power and then supplied to the equipment. However, in case of power-cuts or other power disruptions, the system ensures a substantial power supply through the battery until restoration occurs.

As you know, online UPS systems are meant for sensitive equipment. Earlier, they are used for larger installations with 10KW or more. But, nowadays, they are even used for normal consumer devices providing 500W or less also.

Applications of Online UPS Systems

Online UPS systems are used in different places for many important applications.  

  • Banking Industries

Banks significantly use a large number of computer and software-related operations. So, it is necessary to ensure continuous power supply. Online UPS systems fulfill bank-related applications such as data centers, ATMs, MIS, etc. With these substantial power suppliers, the transaction activities will not be interrupted at any cost.  

Moreover, the transition time is very less in the case of online UPS systems. So, there will not be much delay in the concerned engagements.

  • Data Centers

Many data centers incorporate a reliable larger network of computers. They represent an organization that works on multiple servers. They deal with large amounts of data. Various activities like organized processes, storage, dissemination, etc. are done in the data centers.

It’s so difficult to manage such data centers if there is a power cut or any other power interruptions. In such conditions, online UPS systems instantly provide the power supply to the networked computer systems with the battery charge. So, simultaneously, the operations at the data center can continue at the same pace without any disturbances.

  • Telecommunication Equipment

Telecommunication equipment refers to any kind of hardware including television, radio, and computers. Any sort of power-related problems may cause damaged defects in this sensitive equipment. So, online UPS systems help in providing a quality power supply to these appliances.

The best quality power so supplied by removing disturbances caused by harmonics, sags, surges, etc. Therefore, online UPS systems help in increasing the durability of such appliances.

Furthermore, telecommunication equipment also includes networking equipment like cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, wireless access points, etc. Apart from power transmission problems, natural disasters like flood, fire, storm, etc. may lead to power failure and loss of productivity. Many operational, financial, and other data losses may be evident as a result.

In order to avoid such bad consequences, online UPS systems should be used. As they allow a continuous power supply to the network equipment, they save the data as it is. So, the relative network operations, which are more important at the times of disasters, can be effectively carried out.

  • Healthcare Centers and Medical Institutions

As you know healthcare centers, medical institutions, hospitals, and diagnostic centers have several medical electronic applications. However, in order to carry out faultless operations, there should be a better and consistent power supply to such equipment. Different applications like radiology equipment, pathology lab, CT scan, MRI scan, etc. do need better online UPS systems for quality and continuous power supply.

Also, these UPS systems are used in other areas like dialysis machines, ICUs, NICU, operation theaters, ophthalmology equipment, cardiology labs, mammography labs, dental chairs and equipment, and so on.

Therefore, many healthcare and medical activities successfully utilize standard, reliable, and efficient online UPS systems. On the basis of the capacity levels of power, customized units can be obtained from the market.

  • Electrical Equipment

Different types of electrical equipment also need better UPS systems. Nowadays, people have been preferring online UPS systems to make sure their equipment works normally. Transformers, programmable microcontrollers, distribution boards, and other major appliances can carry on their processes competently through the association of these online UPS systems.

  • Educational Institutions


Educational institutions range from primary schools to universities. Online UPS systems can be used in schools, colleges, and universities for different applications like computer labs, data centers, smart classrooms, security and biometric attendance systems, digital libraries, etc. They ensure better power safety and avoid unnecessary power-based disruptions.

  • Other Diversified Industries

Any industrial firm successfully operates with efficient equipment. However, better online UPS systems make their operations easier and effective. They are used popularly in the foundry, machine shops, sugar, pharmaceuticals, chemical, fertilizer, and polymer industries.

They are also useful for CNC and VMC machines. Quality control and laboratory instruments like spectrometer, CMM, etc. also need online UPS systems.

Servomax Limited – An Outstanding Supplier of Online UPS Systems

Servomax Limited is an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of online UPS systems in India. It offers personalized models of units for its varied clients across Pan India and overseas. It follows national and industrial standards in its manufacturing and testing processes. So, undoubtedly, its products are 100% quality-based ones.

Servomax Limited, with its brand of Servocare, also ensures timely service to the UPS systems. Any kind of modifications, repairs, and other essential service is provided with its effective customer service team.

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