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Non-stop current supply is inevitable for industries – interruptions in power disrupt the routine industrial operations. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems specific for industrial applications are the perfect solution to enable continuous quality power supply. However, different industries use different kinds and capacities of UPS systems based on their engagements. Servomax Limited is the best company in Hyderabad offering excellent industrial UPS systems to diversified organizations. Here is brief information to make you aware of its outstanding UPS supplies.

Power Outage – A Major Obstruction for Industries

Though an industrial organization faces many problems, the most important one is the power outage. This is because, in the absence of power, everything becomes null in an industry. Many simple and complicated jobs in industries run only with the help of power-based equipment. Frequent power cuts or power outage leads to production or service loss – this creates a very bad impact on financial returns and profits. Ultimately, this disturbs the position of the company in its competitive market. So, in all ways, the company faces many injuries and troubles. Why experience such a situation? It is quite mandatory to prevent such situations. Therefore, industrial UPS systems are the mandatory devices that promote successful operations of any industry.

Different Types of UPS

Generally, a UPS is nothing but a device that ensures continuous power supply even in case of power-cuts. There are different types of UPS systems.

Standby UPS –It is the UPS system where short-term battery-sourced power is supplied in case of a power outage. During normal situations, the power is supplied through the direct AC connection. Till there is a need for backup power, its standby unit and inverter are on hold. Once there is a power interruption, they act appropriately and provide continuous and safe power output to the end equipment. They play an outstanding role in protecting computers, modems, and other such hardware equipment.

Often, standby UPS Systems are termed as offline UPS systems – though there are slight structural differences, they are similar to standby models. However, offline models are generally, used for home and professional environments.

Line-Interactive UPS –In this model, the current source is generally the first line of power supply. The current from such a source enables charging the battery in the meanwhile. During power interruptions, the battery acts as the main source of power supply. Specially designed rectifiers and inverters are included in this model to convert AC to DC for battery charge and again DC to AC during power-cut. Such UPS systems are mostly used for IT applications.

Online UPS –In this model, the current passes from the main source to the rectifier where AC power is converted to DC. Then it is transferred to the battery and an inverter. Once the current passes through inverter it is converted to AC power again and then such power is supplied to the equipment. When there is a power cut, the current from the rectifier bypasses, and the charged battery provides continuous power supply to the final load. Online UPS Systems are perfectly used for various industrial operations – they need zero transfer time and, hence, are more preferable to others.

Significance of Industrial UPS Systems

Industrial UPS systems are highly reliable. Their performance is so excellent that without any delays, the industrial machinery gets substantial power input from the standard UPS systems. They are highly efficient in power back-up – so there won’t be any chances of disturbances in the industrial activities.

Some of the industrial UPS systems are even enabled with isolation transformers so that they ensure higher levels of safety to the equipment. During power interruptions, the galvanic isolation of the isolation transformer saves industrial machinery from getting damaged. Often, some models are constructed with filters and special devices to control power sags, surges, spikes, etc. So, quality power is provided by the industrial UPS systems – this is a plus point for industrial owners.

Therefore, they enable –

  • Continuous operation
  • Avoid distortion
  • Best protection

As known, certain industries use a three-phase power supply while some others require a single-phase power supply. So, to provide continuous power to such different appliances, the UPS manufacturers are busily engaged in offering -

  • Three-Phase UPS Systems
  • Single Phase UPS Systems

Based on the need or application, they provide continuous three-phase or single-phase power to the final equipment.

Servomax Limited – An Eminent Industrial UPS Manufacturer

Servomax Limited is a premium organization offering many power-conditioning products. It is an eminent single-phase and three-phase industrial UPS manufacturer in Hyderabad. Its products are ultimately trusted and valuable ones because they are produced following the strict national and international standard measures. World-class raw materials, leading-edge technologies and excellent professional staff expertise enable Servomax Limited to serve different industries with personalized UPS systems. It designs and manufactures different sizes of line-interactive, offline, and online industrial UPS systems with diversified capacities ranging from less than 1kVA to 800kVA.

Here are some of its spectacular models –

  • Single-phase Line-interactive UPS systems with capacities lower than 1kA used for PC and peripherals.
  • Single-phase Online UPS systems with 1 – 20kVA used for servers and network equipment.
  • Three-phase Online UPS systems with 10 – 400kVA used for data centers and industrial equipment.
  • Three-phase Modular Online UPS Redundant models with 20 – 800kVA for modular unit expansion.

Electrical industries, computer-based industries, telecommunication industries, and so on will be highly beneficial by using Servomax Limited’s customized UPS models. So, purchase the right industrial UPS unit and avoid unwanted power interruptions, production loss, and financial troubles. Ultimately, make the right move to save money, save electricity, and save Earth.

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