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Posted by Official Vietnam Visa on May 22nd, 2019

If a quick visit to Vietnam is on your cards, Vietnam visa on arrival could serve as an apt option. Applying for on arrival visa to Vietnam through OfficialVietnamVisa is simpler, quicker and less hassling as compared to applying it through the embassy or the consulate. With minimum documentation and the least processing time, you can have an on arrival Vietnam visa in as quickly as less than a working day! Yes, that’s true! How? Here’s an article that throws some light on it.

What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Vietnam visa on arrival policy was introduced in the year 2003. It involves submitting the visa request on OfficialVietnamVisa’s website from anywhere and at any time. This allows the traveler to board the aircraft to Vietnam, and then obtain the visa on arrival at any of the Vietnam airports. The visa isn’t any different from the visa obtained through the consulate/ embassy and comes with the same validity, terms and conditions, and regulations tethered to it. Nonetheless, it is easier and quicker than the embassy counterpart, as here, the traveler doesn’t have to visit the embassy/ consulate in person, but submit the application online, and also, applying with OfficialVietnamVisa does not require the traveler to submit his/ her passport, which is a mandatory requirement when it comes to applying with the embassy or the consulate of Vietnam.

Is Vietnam Visa on Arrival a Complete Visa?

No, it isn’t. It isn’t a complete visa, but a pre-approval letter issued through the Vietnam Immigration Department. It allows you to board the aircraft to Vietnam, and get your visa stamped at the airport on landing. Vietnam visa on arrival comes in as a quicker and a more convenient option when the journey to Vietnam is a quick or an imminent one. Aside from this, it doesn’t require the traveler to go through the entire visa application process.

What is the Advantage of Applying for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival with OfficialVietnamVisa?

OfficialVietnamVisa offers a lot of conveniences when it comes to applying for an on arrival visa to Vietnam through it. The visa on arrival could be applied anytime and anywhere. This isn’t the case with the embassy or consulate, wherein applications are accepted only during the working hours. So, no more waiting at the embassy queues, and wait for your name or waiting number to be called out!

The processing time is less than 1 working day, as against the processing time of 3 or more working days if submitted through the embassy/ consulate. The application fee with OfficialVietnamVisa is 24 USD per traveler, while that with the embassy or the consulate is 50 USD per traveler. Besides, the traveler does not have to submit the passport while applying with OfficialVietnamVisa, submitting which is imperative while working out the application with the consulate or the embassy.

OfficialVietnamVisa accepts payments through multiple modes including PayPal/ major credit cards. Nevertheless, the embassy or the consulate accepts payments only in cash. Also, in case of rejections or delays, OfficialVietnamVisa offers a refund, while the embassy or the consulate doesn’t offer any.

Some Important Conditions Associated with On Arrival Vietnam Visa

Visa on arrival comes with several conditions attached to it. Some of the most important ones is enlisted below.

  1. Travelers will be required to wait for around 15-20 minutes to get the on arrival visa stamped at Vietnam airports.
  2. Visa on arrival stamping facility is available only at the following airports in Vietnam.


-Da Nang

-Nha Thrang

-Ho Chi Minh City


This visa on arrival isn’t applicable for travelers entering in Vietnam through ship/ cruise or through any of the country’s land borders.

  1. The pre-approval letter is issued by the immigration department on a group basis. The letter would be comprised of the name and the passport number of all the other applicants.

So, to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with OfficialVietnamVisa, visit

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