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Aspects of Green Monster Fishing Light –Every Fishing Enthusiast Would Want

Posted by wesledDistributors on May 24th, 2019

Fishing pursuit in the night is one of the most exhilarating experiences. Having Green Monster Fishing Light as your companion in the night will keep you away from the disappointments, doubts and questions like when some fish will take the bait or whether it’s really a fish trophy when you hook something big in the dark. It is because now with green fishing lights, the chances of hooking fishes have been significantly increased. These lights are specialty lights that are capable of drawing fishes close to your boat or the dock. So, let’s take a tour and dig something more about these specialty lights that have become popular quickly in a short span of time.

How does Green Monster Fishing Light work?

Green Monster Fishing Light is considered as some of the cool lake products of the people who enjoy fishing at night. They are waterproof lights which you can install up to 30 meters or even 50 meters below the water surface (depending upon the specifications). Also called as saltwater fishing lights, they turn on automatically in the dark with the aid of photocell and turn off on their own as the sun comes up in the morning.

Another thing which makes them suitable for fishing is the green light. Apart from attracting the fishes, the night fishing lights increase the visibility in muddy and murky water of lakes and ponds. As green light has shorter wavelength, it is able to penetrate the water without breaking.

Can anyone catch only fishes with green lights or are there other aquatic creatures also that like these fishing lights?

No, you catch a lot more in addition to fishes. Green Monster Fishing lights also have the power to attract shrimps, tiny animals like zooplanktons which attract baitfish such as shad, minnows and herring, which in turn attract predator fishes such as bass, walleyes and crappie. As a result, large fish gather near or in the lighting area to feed where you can lure and catch them. These aquatic creatures follow the green light but you should be sure to anchor your boat before turning on the portable fishing lights. If you are in motion, the fish will not be able to follow you and will also lose interest in you.

In how many types are green fishing lights available?

These night fishing lights are mainly available in two types –floating fishing lights and submersible fishing lights (also called underwater fishing lights). While floating lights are also blamed for attracting swarms of insects along with fish, another reason behind the popularity of submersible lights is that they don’t attract insects. 

 Thus, you can gather that green monster fishing light, especially underwater fishing lights, are highly beneficial for fishing enthusiasts. Modern lights are powerful (200 Watt), have high LED efficiency (130-160lm/W) and long lifetime, so you must really take a shot of using them. I’m damn sure that you will never stop using them as long as you don’t stop fishing in the night. Moreover, they also work as underwater landscaping lights which create a beautiful aura in the lake.  

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