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Posted by 180Fusion on May 25th, 2019

In recent years, technological advancements have changed consumer behavior. As a result, business owners are updating theirmarketing strategies to include content creation.Quality text, graphics, audio, and videoallow them to increase their online visibility and drive traffic to their websites.

However, promoting your business online doesn’t end after posting on the web. You must reach the right audienceat the right time. This can be achieved by using digital advertising tactics like search engine optimization (SEO).

Read on to learn how partnering with the right San Francisco SEO company can help you grow.

They Know What the Audience is Lookingfor

The first step in optimizingcontentis to know what your customerssearch for online. Companies that provideSEO services conduct intensive research on the different keywords people might use to look for what you’re offering. They also look intorelated topics that might redirect online users to your page.

They Create Content Based on “Search-Intent”

People look up stuff online for various reasons. The following are the three types of search queries:

  • Navigational: Looking for websites
  • Informational: Learning more about a specific topic
  • Transactional: wanting to buy something

It’s difficult to determineevery user'sintent all the time. To target the right audience, SEO specialists study the top pages in search results to get insights on why customers look for certain types of products or services.

For example, the top pages that appear when you search for your chosen keyword are blog posts and articles. This means people want to find informative answers to their questions. Armed with this insight, SEO writers can now create content that will help readers make an informed buying decision about the product or service they're looking up.


They Optimize User Experience

The website is the face of a business. No matter how good itlooks, if the website takes too long to load or has unreadable content, people will move on to another site.

During development, we must remember thatwe’re catering tohumans and not just search engines. SEO services include analyzing the behavior of people visiting the website to understand how it can perform better and what changes can be made to improve user experience.

There’s more to SEO than just a few fancy words and pictures. That’s not going to get you to the top page in the search results. A major concern should be the user’s experience when navigating the website. They’ll eventually flock to your page if it’s accessible and provides the information they need.

There’s a lot of work involved in optimizing content, and it can be challenging to do it on your own. It’s best to partner with a reputable San Francisco SEO company to help you create and implementan optimal digital strategy that attracts and retains customers.

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