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Posted by Vivian Wang on June 11th, 2019

Frank is glad he chose the Internet company, which is quite different from the traditional business he worked for before.
In his previous company, employees were working from nine -to -five, with rules and regulations. Although there was not much overtime, the culture in the company was rather dull. The boss was very dignified and paid attention to the distinction between superiors and subordinates. Although it was modern management, there were strict grades and various disciplines. When employees worked in the company, sometimes they were afraid to breathe.
Now the company is different. The Internet pays attention to equality, innovation, and openness. It's not a uniform station. Employees can arrange it in a way they like. Some colleagues tabled are full of hand-made things. Some of them have flowers and plants on their tables. They have their own personality. By 3 or 4 o'clock, the company will have afternoon tea time, which is specially ordered from Meishan. Employees drink coffee. Coffee, refreshments, get together in twos and threes, exchange ideas, the atmosphere is particularly good.
Although they are tired at work, they are very happy and energetic with such benefits.
For the sake of health, the company also encourages standing office, after all, sedentary is not conducive to health. The HR Department tells you when employees enter the company that the company does not consider any image issues, as long as it is beneficial to the health of the efficient employees and does not violate the company's relevant regulations.
So the employees also show their magic power by crossing the sea with eight immortals. Later, I bought a computer riser standing desk, which can be placed on the small desk, and put the computer on it, so that when I need to sit, I use the desk, and when I want to stand, I support the small desk. After a period of time, employees feel much more comfortable with their shoulders and necks.
Actually, not only in the office but also at home. It's important to form a habit and not just sit in the office. My temporary desk, a laptop folding wooden table, can be placed on the table, just in line with the height of standing up.
This computer riser standing desk is also placed on the drawer of the bedroom wardrobe as a temporary workbench, because sometimes I need to record Himalayan audio lessons, in the living room may be recorded outside the noise, so in the bedroom, close the doors and windows, pull the curtains, as far as possible sound insulation, and then put the folding wooden table on, easy to operate the notebook.
At dusk, it's quite pleasant to code on the balcony where flowers are in full bloom.
Although the work is very busy and the pressure is great, we can still take into account both efficiency and health. Even if the company is limited by the corporate culture (in fact, there are more and more open companies now), we can make our own decisions at home anyway.
According to medical research, sitting too long is not conducive to the functioning of the body. Researchers say that sitting can suspend physiological reactions, such as enzymes responsible for removing bad fat in the blood vessels, and their effects will be affected, but only when the body is standing can they play a full role. Among them, sedentary is not only easy to lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other diseases, the data also points out that adults who work more than six hours a day, or less than three hours of adults, the mortality rate is also at least 18%.
However, when standing in office, it is also necessary to pay attention to discretion, preferably sitting and standing alternately, because standing for a long time may also lead to varicose veins. Moreover, when standing in the office, it is better not to wear high-heeled shoes, but to wear comfortable sports shoes. Of course, for beautiful women, it is better to prepare two pairs of shoes, if in the office, and not in the case of receiving customers, you can wear comfortable shoes.

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