Workplace Chronic Suicide Prevention Artifact--Desktop Adjustable Stand up Desk

Posted by Vivian Wang on April 29th, 2019

As office workers and literary workers, they all have the habit of sitting and working. They often sit for a day. Even when they come home from work, they are still sitting in front of the computer. Busy work makes it difficult for you to relax and stretch your whole body. Sitting still for 8 hours every day will bring various harms to your bodies, such as slow response to cerebral insufficiency, forced cervical vertebra, loss of flexibility of the spine and lumbar disc herniation.

What's the way to do this without interfering with the work? I have purchased neck massager, backrest and so on, but the effect is not very good. It also has the function of long-term sitting reminder with a bracelet. But sometimes when I'm working hard or busy, I don't pay attention to the reminder of a bracelet. Today, I recommend a desktop adjustable stand up desk, which is offered by Jingdong public to stand at ease. 


The desktop adjustable stand up desk, the packaging is relatively strong, and it is difficult for women to move. It is packed in a big cartoon box, which has styrofoam packaging protection, and the products are protected by plastic bags.

The desktop adjustable stand up desk uses gas spring to assist the whole process, holds the adjusting clip in one hand, and completes manual lifting easily by switching between stations in 3 seconds; the lifting range is 165-425 mm, stepless adjustment, and stops at any height; it can cater to the height of 150-180 cm on the general desk, and can meet the needs of people of different heights.

An aluminum support arm is used, the desktop is made of environmental protection standard plate, plastic absorption process is used for a long time without glue, and has passed the certification of California CARB and American FSC, three standards to eliminate formaldehyde.

After the desktop adjustable stand up desk is raised, the height can be adjusted to the appropriate height to use so that you can stand comfortably. Mobile phones and tablets can be placed in front, and tablets and mobile phones can be used at the same time as computers.

For office workers who have used computers for a long time, the use of our desktop adjustable stand up desk can be adjusted infinitely in only 3 seconds. It can be adjusted to a comfortable office angle suitable for you, so as to keep you away from all kinds of hazards caused by long sitting. If you do not use the keyboard tray, you can fold up and take it down or take it down in 3 seconds. Thank you for the experience machine provided by Beijing Dongqi. I think that if the long-sitting front-line employees of the production line can also use the lifting workbench, the height can be adjusted so that the employees of the production line can also enjoy this treatment, reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases, and make their health healthier. If there is a lifting platform with a desk, it will be better. In this way, the height of the desk and the load of the desk will not be taken into account. The mouse with a line is placed on the tray, the surface is slippery, and the use of a mouse pad will be better.

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