Office Waist Guard Artifact, The Desk Lift Station

Posted by Vivian Wang on June 11th, 2019

It is said that people's life has become more convenient since the computer came into being, but all kinds of diseases have found our bodies, especially computer practitioners, who spend at least eight hours a day sitting at the computer desk nervously busy with their lives, of course, some people are for entertainment. Because of this, various diseases caused by waist pain, belly fat, obesity have also been produced. Work can't be delayed, but if we can arrange our sitting time reasonably, such as standing up for a certain period of time, I think it will be of great help to our health.
Simply understanding, the launch of this lift station, is mainly to solve the long-term use of people sitting in front of the computer, so that they can choose to stand up to work.
Let's take a look at the desk lift station.

Viewpoint 1:  Simple and generous appearance ,  intimate details 

As office supplies, all equipment must be easy to use. The company's desk lift station does not have so many complex things, it adhering to the concept of table and research and development. The mesa is mainly planar, not mosaic any other parts that feel useless. After all, the table is a very hard thing, the four corners to the arc, which is also to prevent collision and unnecessary conditions.
Silica gel is used as the main material to support the upper and lower corners of the desk lift station. This ensures that no unnecessary movement occurs when using the lifting platform. It also protects the lifting platform from contacting other planes and scratching other equipment. Hidden power interface, in the lower left of the elevator, next to the function key, and in the rear, designed a power line to receive the place, placed in the rear also reminds users to pay attention to the power line is best not placed near their body, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble .
This function key is reasonable. A key is divided into two symmetrical keys, which are easy to use. The top of the desk lift station is pushed down, and the bottom of the lift is pushed up. This is reasonable. At the same time, unlocking is handled by these two keys.

Point 2: Supporting all metals to make weighing more prominent

The lifting and descending of the desk lift station are supported by metal brackets. The hardness of the metal is well known to all. The specially treated metal has no problem with hardness and weighing. The lifting platform can withstand the goods under 15 buses. The cross metal bracket also increases the stability of the lifting platform in use. The motor also fits under the lifting platform, which will not affect the beauty. The only thing to note is that the power cord should ensure the safety of the position when lifting the desk lift station.

Look at point three: one move at a time, long press automatically

When we turn on the power, there is no reaction when we press the function key directly. We need to unlock to get into the working mode. At the same time, we hold down the two buttons. The indicator light changes from red to white. When the lock state is released, it can be used formally.

Point 4: Say goodbye to bow

The desk lift station has a certain height when it is put away, so if you sit down and use it, remember to adjust the height of the chair. Of course, the existence of desk lift station, especially in order to let you not sit long at work, makes you work when standing up as well. It will not only not delay your work, but also take care of your body.
Especially in meetings or lectures, the desk lift station lifts up the computer and other equipment. You just need to simply look back, and you don't have to waist again and again to finish the blackboard. Say goodbye to the waist, and say goodbye to flashing back, low back pain and other conditions.
So if you had such a desk lift station, how would you use it in your life?

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