4 top tips for this year’s children book week from the week’s theme

Posted by costumesau on June 16th, 2019

The theme for this year’s children’s book week celebration is ‘reading is my secret power’. The capability of reading opens up the astonishing world of stories in which the impossible, wondrous, and magnificent can occur. The secret power offered by reading frequently leads to the secret writing power. And, like all writers will say, nothing can be more fun and enchanting than creating your own stories. To honour reading power and the excellent stories that authors, kids, and illustrators conjure up, this article offers top tips for this year’s book week that are all about secret powers – the power to imagine, to write, to read, and the power to make our world better via stories.

1. Plunge into the next great read

The CBCA’s list of short-listed and notable books reads just like a red-carpet-honour roll of the most amazing illustrators and authors. It is full to bursting point with charismatic characters, terrific tiles, and wonderful stories. Utilise your powers to digest every book whole before you move onto the next one.

2. Find your costume for the week’s parade

There’s still some time to go before the week, but you have basically two options as regards your parade costume for the week – wing it at the very last moment while hoping for the best, or plan weeks (or even months) in advance and possibly win the ‘most awesome book week costume ever’ award. Everybody’s vote will certainly be for the latter, so here’s how you can go about it.

  • Read as many titles as you can get.

  • Create a list of your favourite book characters to get costume ideas.

  • Assemble your supplies and perform a costume run-through to ensure that everything works (visualise the confetti, applause, and kids all abruptly desiring to be your friends).

  • If you happen to be struggling to find ideas, the CBCA has partnered with some foremost providers for parade inspiration. So, you can log onto their website to check out some suggestions.

3. Discover an author and find out his/her secret power

We are lucky to have magical authors and illustrators creating magical words we can explore. So, look through your school library’s shelves, scour bookshops, ask for recommendations from friends, and talk to your teachers about the authors they love. When you find any author with images or words that speak to you, contact them and tell them how much you are inspired by their work. While at it, ask what their secret power for illustrating and writing amazing stories happens to be.

4. Create something

So, you’ve dived into books, planned your own costume, searched the CBCA site, and, discovered an amazing author. Next is the bit that’s truly fun – producing your own stories. There are several and varying resources online that offer suggestions, inspiration, writing tips (both articles and videos), and so much more.

These are the foremost tips for this year’s children’s book week that are cantered on its ‘reading is my secret power’ theme. Though most people worry what others will think of their stories, the thing still remains that, secret powers always remain a lot stronger than our secret weaknesses.

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