How to Use a Soldering Iron: Step by Step Guide

Posted by Susan California on July 10th, 2019


A soldering iron is an equipment or tool that has a metal tip to heat the required substance. It heats more than around 800 degrees Fahrenheit and you can adjust the temperature according to your need. It transfers heats to things like pads, wires, transistor leads, etc. when the heat is applied properly, the soldering is accomplished. It is recommended to have a soldering iron in your home because it is really a useful tool that does multipurpose tasks.

So, to know the systematic ways of how to use a soldering iron for any purpose, you can follow this article.

Safety First: In the beginning, you might be thinking of damaging products by using a soldering iron. But the actual matter is, you need to ensure your safety first. Soldering iron provides heat and the temperature is really hotter that easily can harm your body parts if in contact somehow. The heats are used to melt metals so the power of heat should be recognized first.

So, when using the soldering iron, make sure to wear safety glasses, don’t wear loose clothing and don’t let your hair open. And most importantly, wear protective gloves to keep your fingers and hands safe. Wash your hands after every use because soldering irons might contain lead. Also, the place you are working should be well-ventilated to get rid of fumes.

Clean the Tip: When you are using the soldering iron for a new purpose, it should be clean and free of any old solder. A dirty tip holds the iron longer and risks heat damages to things. Keep a wet sponge and remove old solder after the iron is fully heated. The best soldering iron should look shiny and clean to get effective output.

Join Parts: This is the main part of the soldering. Hold the iron in your hand and a piece of solder in another hand. Touch the area where they are about to join with the soldering iron and solder the two components together. Hold it there for about a second and slide the solder under the tip of the iron. Sandwich that to the PCB and hold it for another second. After that, pull away from the solder and continue holding the iron for a minute. This provides the solder to melt and form a good joint.

So, this is the process of using a soldering iron when you need.

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