4 Ways a Customer Portal Becomes a Boon For Support Staff

Posted by CRMJetty on July 16th, 2019

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Have you tweeted out to the company when you experienced bad service? Have you told about the bad experience to anyone who would listen? Lastly, have you ever gone back to that business? Now think about all the reasons why you were not satisfied with a product or service.

Was it because the product was faulty? Was it because it didn’t deliver ahead of time as things usually do? Or was it because you think you deserve a better experience for the price you are paying?

All customers have one or the other problem. None of them is ever a hundred percent happy with what they are getting. Your customers will want to contact you and tell you that you are wrong and that your product was not up to the mark. However, you can minimize this by providing them with some control over a few things.

For instance, you can make your customer’s experience much better by giving them the freedom to solve small things by themselves.

For your staff, this will be very helpful. They won’t have to constantly interact with a customer’s whims and complaints.

One customer can want to place a return order, sometimes more than once; another may want a refund for a product that is perfectly fine, and some customers may want a product that is out of stock! The problems are multifold and never-ending. The irritated staff makes nothing better in this situation.

But since the technology exists to make things better for us, we can use that to our advantage. The one software that can handle all these kinds of issues is a customer portal. And the one built on SuiteCRM with WordPress gives you the best of both worlds. This excellent combination of CRM platform and CMS platform gives you a SuiteCRM WordPress customer portal.

This portal is all you need to solve your customers’ problems without having to overburden your support staff with work.

Here’s How Customer Portal Features Benefit Support Staff:

Live Chat: The live chat option in the customer portal lets your customers chat with your support staff instead of making phone calls about every little thing. Many queries are small and don’t need a phone call or email. They can simply solve them by forwarding a pre-written message (in case of usual queries).

Organized Communication: Another way that it can help your staff is to keep track of all transactions with customers. While your staff can always see that in the CRM, the SuiteCRM WordPress customer portal enables the feature for the customer as well. With this, they can track each transaction whether it is a purchase order, a return request or an exchange process. They can also see their payments, product details, order details, etc.

Secure Sign-in: With a SuiteCRM customer portal, your customers will always have a secure single sign-in access to your CRM. They will be able to get all the details regarding themselves wherever they want.

Knowledge Base: The customer portal also comes equipped with a knowledge base. This is handy if your product is complicated to understand. With the knowledge base, your customers can take full advantage of your product features and they can get their answers without even having to contact you. And the best part, they can access a knowledge base 24/7. It removes the time boundation you have with the support teams and also helps you cater to your global customer base.

With this portal, your support staff will be grateful to you because dealing with unsatisfied customers every day can be taxing. Your SuiteCRM customer portal will help you in two ways: by making your customers happy and by making your staff enjoy their work a little bit more.

While customers are of course the most important element of your business, think about your staff, without whom you wouldn’t have been able to build a business in the first place.

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