Why Someone with Depression Kills Themselves?

Posted by Dr Mitali Soni Loyas on July 25th, 2019

A large part of the individuals feel down from time to time. Separation in relationships or a terrible grade can give rise to sadness. Part of the time, sadness comes without a clear reason. Can you tell the difference between sadness and depression? Well, every individual who have gone through depression can spot the difference. Depression, as opposed to ordinary sadness, is described by a longer and deeper feeling of sadness and the presence of some specific symptoms, says a psychiatrist in Bhopal.

You are ought to have the potential to tell the difference between ordinary sadness and depression owing to the fact that the condition depression can be life-threatening part of the time, says a psychiatrist in Bhopal. Individuals with depression may also find hard to live up their life up to their ability, or perform below their potential in various day to day activities.

Suicide is the cause of subsequent death among young people. A noticeable cause of suicide is a psychological imbalance, usually depression. According to a psychiatrist in Bhopal, individuals who feel suicidal are at the mercy of cruel feelings and see suicide as the main means of salvation, thereby eliminating the fact that suicide is a permanent “solution” for a transitional state.

A large part of the population who killed themselves may have been helped. A person who considers suicide often trusts a friend who can convince him to opt for depression treatment in Bhopal. When the risk is high, family members should undertake professional help.

Permanent handing over of property or the acquisition of weapons can be a sign of suicidal behavior. An unexpected increase in the mood of a depressed person may be a sign that a person wants to kill themselves. You are ought to pay special attention to any degree of self-harm thinking, says a psychologist in Bhopal.

How Can You Tell if Suicide Is a Possibility?

  •          Increased social isolation
  •          Significant changes in appearance and hygiene
  •          Being depressed or having other mental disorders
  •          Giving away valued possessions; making other preparations for death
  •          Talking directly or indirectly about wanting to die or “not be around”

   A sudden change in mood

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