How to Create Your Play School Business Plan?

Posted by rohitsharmaaa on September 5th, 2019

The world of education continues to evolve at a fast pace. There is growing demand for higher-quality education. More and more young parents now prefer their child to start their education on the right foot. Thus, there is a growing demand for playschools that follow a holistic approach to education. As an entrepreneur, this is just the right time to invest in education and you can reap many play school franchise benefits.

If you intend to open a preschool providing high-quality educational environment, it important that you start with a sound business plan. The following points should help you in this regard.

Business Plan Components

Even before you approach a franchisor, you should have an outline of a plan ready with you. You can refine the plan with more facts and figures as you progress. The key components of your play school business plan should be as follows:

  • Location
  • Available space
  • Indoor/outdoor space
  • Capital requirement
  • Infrastructure
  • Number of staff required
  • Number of students

Registration & Licensing

While a play school franchise can be an interesting business model to start, you should address all the key legal requirements too. Depending on which state you are in, there can be slightly different registration and licensing requirements. There will be relevant laws regulating the overall functioning of private schools.

There are also different levels of educational institutions, classified into:

  • For profit schools
  • Not-for-profit schools

You should determine which type of play school you want to open and evaluate the concerned registration requirements.

Arranging Finances

You will have to raise funds to set up your play school, no matter whether it is a for-profit or non-profit institution.

  • Finances will have to be arranged as per the size the school
  • Another important factor is the infrastructure requirements laid down by the franchisor
  • You can apply for loan with banks and there can be specially discounted offers for educational institutions

If you already have the right property with appropriate space, it can help save in terms of rental charges.

Choose the Right Location

Whether you have your own property or not, it is important to ensure that the location is ideal for optimal play school franchise benefits. There are multiple factors to be considered with regard to the choice of the location:

  • The location should provide more than enough space for your play school
  • It should be a child-friendly location with tons of open space
  • The place should be clean and hygienic
  • This surroundings should be well maintained
  • It should be free of any kind of health hazards
  • It should be completely safe for all kinds of children’s activities

So make sure to cover these points when creating your play school business plan.

It is recommended to follow a structured process to address all these points. It is highly likely that your franchisor can provide you guidance so that you can complete all the steps easily and thoroughly. Thus, choosing the right play school franchise is also an important part of the process.

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