10 Ways to Improve Mobile Advertising in 2019

Posted by Joseph Franks on September 16th, 2019

Of all the digital mediums, mobile phones are the least utilized, but highly effective advertising platform. With nearly 2.7billion mobile users worldwide, and 62% of smartphone users purchase on mobile devices, this platform provides a huge platform to the advertisers to boost their businesses.

This gives a big reason why every business owner must have an effective mobile advertising strategy.

What is Mobile Advertising, Anyway?

Mobile advertising refers to a marketing strategy which targets the consumers through their mobile devices. This form of advertising has proved to be highly successful and it is projected that in 2020, mobile apps will generate nearly 8.9 billion in revenue, while smartphone users will reach 2.7billion.

So, with such a huge potential, how can you grow your business through mobile advertising? Here is what you can do:

How to Improve Mobile Advertising in 2019:

  1.     Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly:

As of 2018, 63% of entire digital ad revenue is generated through mobile ads. Also, 59.16% of search traffic comes from mobile devices. So, before you get your hands on mobile advertising, make sure your website is mobile friendly.

  1.     Advertise on the Right Time:

Unless you provide your users with an incentive to take action immediately, your mobile advertising campaign will not be effective. The main reason is mobile device is about taking quick actions, and you need to make sure that your campaign runs at the same time when the users want to take action. In order to make it effective, use incentives such as complimentary download or coupon that work when the users are near a certain store.

  1.    Make Content Mobile Friendly:

Create content that is easily read on the mobile phone screens while the users are on the go. Mobile devices are small display content on smaller screens, unlike laptops and tabs. When it comes to mobile devices, the users don’t much care about your about us page. Their main concern is why they are visiting a certain page. A good and short headline will deliver a brand’s message while taking minimum space on the screen.

In addition to it, make sure the content is also optimized for search engines. According to research done by Search Engine Watch, mobile users are more specific in searches than desktop users. That means you should use keywords that are familiar with your target audience.

  1.    Be More Visible Locally with Google My Business:

Mobile users tend to look for more local information while searching for a certain business. In order to deliver better and increase your mobile advertising campaign, register your business on the local map through Google My Business.

Registering your business on the local map makes it easier for both, mobile and desktop users, to find you. Since mobile device users will be able to find you easily, you will see a noticeable improvement in search engine traffic.

  1.   Take Advantage of SMS Marketing:

The mobile phone is becoming increasing addiction- Ihumanmedia found out in research that 58% of mobile users check their phone after every hour. You must rise above the noise and reach your customers’ inboxes. According to Forbes, 41% of users use mobile phone for texting instead of talking. So, SMS marketing ensures your message is delivered to the users.

SMS marketing is trackable, interactive, and gives a personal touch to your message. Moreover, it ensures the swift delivery of the message.

  1.   Take Care of Your Website’s UI on Mobile Device:

Since the number of mobile users is ever increasing, your website must be responsive and easy to navigate on mobile devices. If your website is responsive, it will be perfectly displayed on multiple devices. To make it effective one you need to test your website’s fonts, color, CTA (call to action), etc.

  1.   Give Your Messages a Personal Touch:

People tend to get attracted more to personal messages. In the digital marketing industry, there is a saying, “search engines can’t buy your product”. So, your brand must focus on people, instead of search engines. The best way to connect emotionally with your target audience is to personalize your mobile marketing strategy. This means you are answering your users’ questions and putting yourself in their shoes- and not talking about your business.

  1.   Develop Mobile Applications:

Mobile applications are designed to run on the handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets. When the users have the application installed on their devices, it helps them in making a purchase quickly and easily.

  1.   Increase Social Engagement in Your Campaign:

Most of the engagement on social networks comes from mobile phones. So, it is important to add social media strategy into your mobile advertising campaign. Amongst all the channels, Facebook and Instagram are the biggest platforms with nearly 1 billion users from across the globe.

So, you can make effective use of these platforms by consistently adding quality content like pictures and videos on these channels. 

   10.  Activate Real-Time Tracking:

Effective mobile advertising heavily relies on track. When you activate real-time tracking, the user intent, and their activities. By generating data from real-time analytics and using the right keywords, you can drastically improve your conversion rate.

Final Word:

Mobile marketing is the future of advertising. For brands, now it is becoming a must to use mobile marketing, drive more sales and make their position better.

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