How a Bad Business Directory can Ruin Your Business

Posted by Pravin Roy on September 17th, 2019

A bad businessdirectory refers to an inaccurate list of B2B contacts that affects the overall health of your business. In the market, you may find a plethora of B2B data companies offering database however while buying the data you should be careful enough as it can either make or break your business. Your CRM system can only produce good results if the data injected inside by you is accurate. A company can still manage without CRM however without an accurate business directory it’s almost impossible to get the desired results.

Let’s look into a few examples of how an inaccurate business directory hampers your business success:

Irrelevant Lead Generation and Low Productivity

An inaccurate business directory leads to irrelevant lead generation. This irrelevant lead generation affects your sales and marketing team’s performance as it becomes very crucial for them to contact leads, prospect them and set meetings. It causes a lot of time and money wastage too because your sales and marketing team is sending emails that bounce and making calls on a wrong or faulty numbers. It takes away all their efforts also which they could have utilized in other productive activities. Inaccurate data also results in poor prospect planning for those leads where contact information is right however that leads’ preferences and job roles are inaccurate. It destroys the first impression of your company in the very first meeting with the lead.

Poor Relationship Management

B2B data companies offer various business directories based on industry and domain preference. Inaccurate business directory results in poor relationship management as it doesn’t allow your sales and marketing team to prospect the right lead with accurate information which hampers the follow-up with leads. Due to inaccurate details of a profile like job role and preferences, sales and marketing team pitching goes in the wrong direction which deteriorates the initial relation with lead. Even the lead who is contacted by your sales and marketing team feels frustrated as he is getting pitched for something which he or she never wanted.

Sometimes while following up with the right lead, by mistake your sales and marketing team can also input inaccurate data which they gathered during the follow-up with the lead. During the buyer’s journey there are various interactions of lead with your team, and many times your team also makes an error while feeding the information which hampers the follow-up with the lead.


Errors made while feeding the lead information lead to false or inaccurate reports which de-motivates your team as the metrics fail to produce correct growth which was expected. Just imagine the number of leads that converted into customers not properly registered then it leads to confusion, frustration, and de-motivation in your team. It also distracts your team from its focus on achieving the targets.

Apart from de-motivation which spreads among the team, the sales forecasting process gets affected badly with inaccurate reports as the key decision-makers also face a hard time in planning future strategies on the basis of inaccurate reports.

Thus, using an accurate business directory is very important for your business. If you are planning to buy a database from any B2B data companies then check twice and take the right decision. Accurate business directory facilitates your sales and marketing team to make calls effectively and deliver high impact messages to build a strong relationship with leads and existing customers. Accurate data helps your business in retaining existing clients and enhances the chances of profitability through increased revenue. In a nutshell, accurate data acts as a master key to unlock the world of better opportunities.

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