Employee Management Portal - Features And Benefits

Posted by CRMJetty on September 23rd, 2019

Employee management is a necessary and cumbersome task. But since software makes everything easier, you can implement it to manage your employees as well. The best software to do so is the employee management portal which needs to be in connection with your CRM, but not really with your CMS.

In this case, you should go with one of the hosted portal solutions for SuiteCRM available in the market.

But before you make any decisions about it, let's look into what an employee portal can do:

  • Attendance:

    The most basic use of an employee portal is to mark attendance. Employees can have their own login credentials. This portal can work with a time card machine that can fetch their entry and exit, based on which the portal can calculate their working hours.

  • Role-based access:

    Generally, companies have a hierarchical approach in employee management. Therefore, the ideal thing would be to get one of the hosted portal solutions for SuiteCRM that gives employee role-based access to the data. This way, the manager can assign tasks, keep track of schedule and manage shifts for everyone else. With a more complex management requirement, the access can be similarly complex in terms of who reports to whom. Certain modules can be accessible for everyone like leave calendar, company policies, support requests, etc.

  • Task management:

    A manager can assign tasks for all the employees. Employees can then schedule their day with certain tasks and log in the hours they spend on each. This helps the workflow of the business because the manager can always know who is working, at what pace and whether the tasks are on schedule.

  • Leave management:

    With this portal, employees can check how many holidays they have, their shifts for the week (in case of shift-based work model), and even apply for leaves. This helps in streamlining the schedule for everyone because the admin can arrange each person's shifts accordingly.

  • Shift management:

    In a more flexible retail job, people tend to work some time of the year rather than all year. A number of students sign up for summer jobs in retail shops, who generally can't work much during the academic semester. Therefore, sometimes there is a surplus of employees, whereas occasionally there are not enough people. In either case, the manager needs to arrange shifts in such a way that the store always has sufficient staff members.

  • Appraisal management:

    Such a rounded portal can also have a module for employee appraisal and promotion. It can allow members to give feedback about working with each other as well as have managers make reports for everyone. Then the combination of that can account for the person's overall feedback. Additionally, their task completion can account for their overall report, based on which managers can make appraisal decisions.

The benefits of using an employee portal are plenty. It can help streamline operations and make the workflow of any business smoother.

The reason you should choose a hosted portal solution for this is because you don't have to host it on your servers, but it still gives you all the necessary tools to manage your employee specific actions.

Find a portal development company that makes a hosted portal solution for SuiteCRM and give them your specifics. You will have a hassle-free portal ready in no time! Ready to make your employee management better?

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