Dance Studio Etiquette: 4 Rules Every Dancer Should Follow

Posted by Mainstage Center for the Arts on October 3rd, 2019

Dance class environments are as varied and diverse as the art itself. While some teachers like to maintain an easy, relaxed environment, some are extremely strict about adhering to the rules or traditional dance class protocols. No matter what the dance instructor’s style may be, there is a basic dance studio etiquette, which everyone should respect. Adhering to dance studio etiquette doesn’t just help students in mastering their physical lessons, but also help them take advantage of the life lessons that dance classes have to offer. Whether you are planning to join dance classes or enroll your child for dance lessons in South Jersey, here are some basic rules that every dance student should follow:

  1. Always be on time.

When someone arrives late for class, he distracts the teacher and the other students. The lack of warming up or stretching also sets him up for potential injury. Even if you are late, you should wait for the teacher to allow you to enter and join the class.

  1. Wear appropriate attire.

While the idea of appropriate dance attire may vary from studio to studio, as a general rule, wear clothes that are suitable for training. That means you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow a wide range of movements. Clothes with sweat-wicking feature are also a good choice. Also, it is best to avoid jewelry of any kind.

  1. Do not harbor a negative attitude.

Nothing impedes growth like a negative attitude. It can be frustrating to not be able to execute a step or perfect a routine that you have been working on for a long time.  However, what you should remember is that nothing comes easy. If becoming a tap dancer or ballerina was simple, we would have an abundance of tap dancers and ballerinas in our communities.

  1. Take correction and criticism in stride.

If your teacher corrects you or offers constructive criticism, it means that he or she wants you to do well. It is their way of telling you that they are invested in your growth as a dancer. Similarly, if you hear them correcting another dancer, pay attention to that because it can sometimes apply to you as well.

Dance can be an enriching experience but only when it is approached in the right way. These tips are unwritten rules. Following them can only help you get the most out of the lessons. Whether it is you or your child who is attending dance classes, ensure that they adhere to dance studio etiquette.

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