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Importance of Theater in Shaping a Kidís Life
A popular saying goes like “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and we totally stand by it. After all, it is really unfair to expect a child to grow in a holistic manner without having his or her share of fun. Talking about fun, drama and theater camps are excellent outlets for your kids to enjoy to the fullest while learning a thing or t...
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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Children To Theatre Plays And Musicals
Do you call spending hours in front of the television the best way to enjoy the night or entertainment for you is browsing through funny videos shared by someone on social media? For people, in today’s time, having the best time alone or together with family is limited to big or small screens only. Apparently, they’ve forgotten what’s like ...
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4 Most Iconic Live Performances of the Beatles
The Beatles broke up a half-century ago, but that has not dissuaded their fans from wanting to experience live performances of their legendary songs. There has always been something about their music that translates magically in a live setting; perhaps it is the sense of community created among the audience who share an incredible familiarity with the songs ...
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Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes to Make Your Theater Program Fundraising a Success
Many theater programs and other art-based organizations run on fundraising. In fact, fundraising is arguably the best funding resource for theater programs. It is through donations made by patrons and other sources that a large part of their work is done, whether it is conducting classes or organizing performances. Although, when it comes to fundraising...
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Four Grants and Awards for Theater and Performing Arts Programs in New Jersey
Research supporting the importance of art has become more and more well known. The arts play a crucial role in shaping our perspectives and enriching our lives. Art is a way for people to express themselves. It is also an important tool that helps students amplify their academic learning. It helps preserve a unique culture. In addition, art is also an import...
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Dance Studio Etiquette: 4 Rules Every Dancer Should Follow
Dance class environments are as varied and diverse as the art itself. While some teachers like to maintain an easy, relaxed environment, some are extremely strict about adhering to the rules or traditional dance class protocols. No matter what the dance instructor’s style may be, there is a basic dance studio etiquette, which everyone should respect. A...
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Understanding the Importance of Performing Arts in Education
It is commonly observed that if a child has a busy and demanding academic schedule, performing arts  may not rise to the top of priorities. While academics is important, there are also many reasons why performing arts should play a crucial role in your child’s education. Even researchers have linked performing arts to enhanced child development an...
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5 Fun and Cheery Dance Songs for Toddlers
When it comes to teaching a toddler how to dance, it should be less technical and more carefree and relaxed. You should not teach your toddlers to move like someone else. Instead, your focus should be encouraging your toddler to simply move his or her body to the rhythm of the music. As toddlers get older, you can enroll them in classes that teach creative d...
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How Your Child Can Maximize Summer Dance Camp
It’s summer and you know what that means – vacation and a lot of free time for your kids. Now you can help them take advantage of their free time and ask them to join the best summer dance camp. Dance camp will allow them to spend some amazing time dancing with choreographers, teachers and other dancers. As exciting and exhilarating as this sou...
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Broadways Shows Kids Would Love To Watch and Be a Part Of
Whether you want to introduce your kids to a classic fairytale, a Disney musical or a show with some historical value, or simply want them to experience Broadway for what it is, there are some shows that are an absolute must-watch. These shows are specially designed with an younger audience in mind. And the best part is that the delightful fun, glamour and e...
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