World of Warcraft auction house renovation, players expressed their expectations

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on October 11th, 2019

World of Warcraft auction house renovation, players expressed their expectations

Recently, according to the news released by the official team, the World of Warcraft auction house will enter the stage of renovation, and the players are very excited about this news. Because in World of Warcraft, the auction house has been maintaining its appearance for many years and has not improved in any way. Now the news of the renovation of the auction house makes the players look forward to it.

Players in the community want to be able to add new features while improving the user experience.

Just the day before yesterday, game team president Ion Hazzikostas released an 18-minute video. Through this 18-minute video, it reveals a great amount of information. The first thing we can be sure of is that it contains most of the expected features, and even unexpected updates from the players. It sounds great! Included in a brand new raid, new race and a brand new auction house. A completely revised auction house system is the most unexpected project for the players. After the revision, the auction house can make the transactions between players more convenient, save time and safety! Never worry about the delay in the Buy WOW Classic Gold For Sale.

This is more than just a UI reskin,” game director Ion Hazzikostas explained in the video above. In fact, the game launch team redesigned and rebuilt the core of the entire system, enabling it to run at a faster rate. With multiple servers, what we can do is to do our best to optimize the game details and improve the previous deficiencies. It makes it faster, more powerful, and gets rid of the annoying stacks that no one likes. We realize that every day There are at least 100,000 transactions in the auction house, so I hope to create a smooth, easy-to-use modern system.

The problem with the current auction house is that many of the most common trading items are placed in the system and cannot be split or partially sold. If I want to sell dozens of iron bars in the auction house, the players must buy them all to complete the transaction. But in fact, perhaps the players who buy may not need so many iron bars. Therefore, he may give up the transaction. This makes the players who sell the items very angry. But another problem that comes with it is that a considerable number of players like to purchase large quantities of equipment, and bulk purchases of bulk-ordered items make the entire system extremely stupid. That's why the players who often use the auction house are very unhappy. Now, the auction house has modified this to allow players to buy or sell items and equipment as they wish. Click, maybe players can find more items they like here.

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