Why Every Organization Should Have an Attendance Management System

Posted by Cuckoo Tech on October 13th, 2019

What is an attendance management system?

An Attendance Management System is the most important feature that every organizationshould adapt to track the performance of their employees. It is not just monitoring the presence and absence of the employees, but also helps in keeping a tab on the productive hours, break timing, late records, other scheduled breaks, and meeting.

So even if an employee is on time to work and logged in to the computerbut is on breaks for long hours without being productive, it would be identified if an effective attendance management system is in place.

How can it improve the overall effectiveness of the business?

The attendance records can help the managers to identify employees who are hardworking, committed and who contribute towards the company growth. This can help the top-level management to recognize the employee’sperformance and reward them accordingly which will also motivate employees to work better.

The management can also penalize those employees who do not maintain or adhere to the standard work schedules. This can support to minimize the risk of loss caused by improper working hours and can potentially increase the effectiveness of the business.

Attendance management system helps in payroll management and other areas of work.

Payroll is interlinked with the attendance and performance of the employees. An employee who fails to be punctual to work or is consistently on breaks without adhering to the basic work policies of the company needs to get a deduction on the pay. So,unless an effective attendance management systemis set up, the payroll may not be able to identify these issues or may not be able to provide the proof for the deduction.

Get an accurate analysis of the employee’s productiveness.

Gone arethe days when you needed to record the physical presence or absence of the employees in papers. Recording the attendance manually in a book can bring higher chances of malpractice with the risk of incorrect data. Anattendance Management System is a tool that helps to maintainemployee records with accurate information. The tool also helps to get authentic information regarding the working hours, shift timings, total number of hours the employee is present at work, the hours of breaks, and meetings. It can give you a complete break-down of the things an employee does when he is in the office premises apart from this work.

Simplifies the task of the Managers and HR’s

Managing a team is not easy. The responsibilities of a manager are huge and they need to keep a track of every single employee with details about performance, attendance, behavior, social contribution, completing targets, achieving their clients’ goals, and their contribution towards the team growth. Well, when so much is in place to monitor, an attendance management system can simplify the work of the manager and HR by supporting them with the data relevant to performance and attendance. These help in calculating the incentives, promotions and salariesrequirements of every employee.

The attendance management system helps the managers to set up the roster for the month for all employees in a single shot. This includes scheduling of shifts, working hours and break timings of the employees. The feature in the cap is that all these tasks can be accomplished in real-time.

So when an employee applies for a promotion or claims for his recognition and rewards, the HR and Managers can simply check their performance and attendance records with the help of the attendance management system.

Legal compliance made easy

Every organizationhas to comply with certain legal obligations about their area of work and even in terms of employee benefits. Even if an employee complaint against his manager on maintaining incorrect attendance data, it can be proven delusive or factual only if an appropriate attendance management systemis maintained. With the help of an attendance management system there are no chancesof any misleading or misguiding information.

Every organizationshould adhere to legal policies which include internal and external audits. This ensures the credibility of the organizationin legal aspects. Followingappropriate data attendance, helps the company to be proficient in theoverall quality and capability for effective controlling of staff management.

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