What's Up With Self-Sabotage?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Does this sound familiar?

How many times have we started a new diet with the very best of intentions? We know we picked a good program, we're excited, we've stocked up on the essentials. We might even manage to do well for a few days.

Then the shoe falls. Our resolve wanders. We almost look for an excuse to cheat. You ask yourself, “Why?”

You know full well that 14 strong days as free of temptation as possible will garner you the best chance of weight loss success.

Good plan! So, what do you instead? You make a date to meet your pals at the local hangout – you know, the one with the free Happy Hour buffet and 25¢ beers. You rationalize you “deserve” it. You convince yourself that your friends will bolster you with “support”. Lastly, you promise yourself to stick to 1, okay 2 max, Michelob Lights.

Yeah that was the promise, but it didn't quite turn out that way. Yet again.

It's not like we need to someone to hold our hand into temptation! It surely doesn't help that there's a McDonalds, Burger King and/or Pizza Hut on every corner. Calling at us like an epic siren, we turn into the drive thru like Pavlov's dogs. Our low carb brain tells us to order a bunless cheeseburger or grilled chicken salad, meanwhile we splurt out “Big Mac & Diet Coke”. Of course Diet Coke! Hey, we're on a diet!

Why do we do it? Why do we set ourselves up? Seemingly, almost on purpose?

Personally, I think it's akin to the emotional reasons we eat, whether we're actually hungry or not. The next time you're standing in front of the fridge, door swung wide open, staring in a blank trance as if some magical 0 cal 0 carb delicious delight will suddenly appear. Take comfort in knowing that your dieting sisters and brothers are joining you world over.

Self examination is the key. What's going on inside your brain? What are we furiously trying to bury under the wrong foods and poor choices? What on earth are we afraid of? Worried that we can't blame personal failures on our fat anymore? Scared about sudden attention and flirting from the opposite sex?

Zillions of books have been written on the subject and I'm far from an expert, but I have spent the better portion of my adult life pondering this puzzle. Therapy is probably the most obvious answer, but we don't have time and I'm certainly unqualified! Behavior modification techniques would be beneficial, as are online support groups, like those at the Kimkins.com site.

For my buck, the most bang is journaling. Yes, men, even you. You've heard confession is good for the soul. Well, it's absolutely true. As luck would have it, your Kimkins membership comes with your very own personal journal – yours to share with other members for accountability or just to jot down your inner most feelings.

We'll touch more on self-sabotage in upcoming article. But for now, committing feelings and insecurities, whether to paper or bandwidth, can help.

Go ahead, discover yourself.

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