Best Return by Selling Music through Effective Online Music Promotion Services

Posted by Keith McCrow on October 21st, 2019


For deriving the best return from your music performance, promoting the same on the right platform is the best option for you because you are then exposed to a wider world of music

For building a momentum required to get started and to get ahead in your music career, you must be aware of various common platforms and services that you can use to get exposure through the Best Online Music Promotion Services. The following is an overview of each of the area that plays important roles in the organic promotion of your music.

1: Social Media: Chose a platform where your target audience is most active. YouTube and Sound cloud are effective compared to Twitter and Instagram

2: Influencer Marketing: Influencers run music logs, playlists; youtube channels and streaming services. Their active and engaged audiences share and consume music with delight. 

3: Email Marketing is one of the Best Online Music Promotion Services that enables you to establish direct contact with your fans because your mail goes directly into their inbox, thus giving more attention...

4: Paid Promotion covers buying views, reposts etc. Those who buy cheaper music are not likely to turn to fans. For maintaining an engaged, you need to ensure high-quality control.

5: Streaming Services include Goole Paly Musi, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer Musi etc. Similar music and recommendations service our algorithms for understanding which type of music will interest listeners. If the existing fans listened to and liked your music, the platforms will recommend to other listeners with similar taste to listen to your music.

6: PR/Promotional Agencies may be a little costlier. While choosing, see that they are building new contacts and promoting via emerging channels. Few players in this area are Your Army, Planetary Group, Cyber PR, Global Publicity, Prescription PR, Vision, Urban Dub and Burstimo

7: Paid Advertising does not include YouTube, Sound Cloud, Facebook and Spotify. It takes some time getting gathering data for refining your approach and hence is not recommended.

8: Radio is traditional promotional approaches and works on relationships. 

9: Website: Although tough, Website is more effective for the growth of the audience because of the flow generated. 

10: Music Branding covers your logo design, profile covers, album artworks and many more. Professional design agencies often charge a high price. 

In order to get the best value of your music performance; songs or instrumental, solo or band, you need to Sell Your Music Online through reputed online music distributer to any one or more of the biggest music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Vevo, Shazam, Google Play, Beatport. Your fans who pre-order your music can have access to it, 12 weeks in advance if you register your music in advance 

When you Sell Your Music Online, the process is completed through the following three processes

  1. You upload your music release  to the site of your selected music distributor, indicating your choice of music stores and locality

  2. The distributor  sends your release to al the earmarked stores and streaming services that start selling immediately

  3. As and when, your music is streamed and downloaded, you get paid through crediting of your account, without any deduction towards commission.


With the above promotional platforms, you are sure to get wider exposure and thus can establish the marketability of your brand.

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Keith McCrow is an individual music artist and author of this article who writes about Best Online Music Promotion Services. He has also written how toSell Your Music Online for monetize.

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