How to Start an ATM Business

Posted by Amos Fred on October 22nd, 2019

Nobody likes running out to the bank to withdraw cash. Instead of going out of your way, you’ll be happy enough to pay for a little service charge to get easy and convenient access to your money. That’s why ATMs are highly popular. If you’re thinking about starting an ATM business, though, you’ll need a plan. Here are a few essential pointers you’ll want to keep in mind before you make your move and to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Understand How It Works

Don’t be taken in by promises of earning big money from ATMs. Take the time to understand the process. What will you get yourself into? An ATM business is a profitable one, but only if you have the right plan and measures in place. One of the first things you need to do is understand how the fees work. When people use your ATM, you get to charge them for that service. However, if you’re not charging them enough or you’re charging them too much, that will affect the profitability of your ATMs.

Work Out the Fees

To fully determine whether you’ll make money out of owning ATMs or not, you need to learn more about the fees. The amount usually ranges from to , with the national average for fees in 2014 at about .35. In 2008, that amount was around .97, Today reports. That shows the significant price increase in ATM fees in the last few years. If you plan to put up ATMs to generate passive income revenue, those numbers work in your favor, as it tells you that you’ll be able to charge more for those service fees in the future.

How Much Will You Make?

Do the math. How much will you make from running your ATMs? Remember that there are always three parties that split the take: the owner of the venue, the ATM processor, and the ATM owner. If you already own the venue and the unit, then you get to take a bigger share of the pie.

How Much Do Processors Take?

ATM processors charge a fee that runs from about $.010 to $.50 for every transaction. It’s essential to check, though, how much the processor charges you. Some may add network accessing fees, which will increase those charges and eat up into your profits. Watch out for that when you partner with a processor, Forbes explains.

How Do I Buy the Machines?

Look for reputable sellers or distributors in the business. Buying ATM machines is easy when you do your homework. Work out companies that have an excellent reputation for products and services. Check out the options in the inventory. Don’t forget to research about the ATM model you want.

  • Do you want used or brand-new units? Reduce costs by opting for used options.
  • Will you choose a unit with advanced or basic features? Many users may be wary of using a unit that looks outdated, for fear of hacking and security problems. Provide them with units that come with advanced features for their peace of mind.

How big should it be? If it’s big enough, you or your staff won’t need to keep refilling it with cash.

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