Picking a commercial ice maker machine

Posted by sere on November 6th, 2019

An ice maker system is nearly a requirement for just about any sort of food service industry, but it's also practical for any other institutions which serve food and beverages.

With so many distinct configurations and styles on the market, how can you understand that ice maker is ideal for your enterprise?

There are 3 basic styles of commercial ice machines:

ice cube machine manufacturers are components which don't include any storage area. These are typically made to sit together with an ice storage bin or a toaster unit to operate properly. Modular ice manufacturers are fantastic for people who wish to optimise their ice-making solution, as the heads are typically compatible with a number of bin sizes and versions.

Undercounter ice machines, also referred to as self-contained ice machines, are components that combine the ice machine using a storage bin. As they generally fit under countertops, they don't occupy a great deal of room, which makes them a great solution for smaller pubs, cafes or some other growing companies.

Countertop ice machines are compact components which normally make nugget design icehockey. These machines have a little ice storage bin, and some versions may dispense water also. Since they're set in addition to tables or counters, they supply easy access to water and ice. These machines are generally found in hotel lobbies, break rooms, healthcare settings, and drink stations.

We carry a wide Choice of ice manufacturers and here are a Few of the models on our site:

This benchtop ice maker is ideal for smaller establishments which don't have heavy ice demands. Since it doesn't have to get linked to a water source, this device is very mobile and convenient. With a production capacity of 15kg / 24 hours, this ice maker is perfect for light-medium duty use like in concession stands, market stalls and fairs.

The CB series having an inner storage bin are a few of Brema's top-selling versions. It generates quality cone-shaped ice cubes weighing 13 g, together with the back slightly squashed. These little ice sticks into some drinking glass contours and cools beverages without repainting. The ice also appears elegant, which makes it appropriate for hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

This Hoshizaki ice machine includes a durable stainless steel exterior and a slide-in air filter in the front for effortless cleaning. The FM series makes crescent ice cubes, that have exceptional liquid displacement as a result of their distinctive form. These exceptionally difficult crystal clear ice cubes melt and permit liquid to flow more easily.

The IM series ice machines create exceptionally difficult, crystal clear ice cubes which melt quite slowly, allowing clients to enjoy their chilled beverages more. This ice producing equipment is made with hygiene as a priority, using a closed mobile ice making system which has an automated flush and flush cycle.

The Ice-O-Matic HIS series includes a flat evaporator, together with front air intake and discharge for under-counter setup. It is compact and stylish, which makes it ideal to be put nearly everywhere. In addition, it has a very simple control panel which enables easy access to ice hockey, and features a 16.3pound ice storage bin.

This homemade gourmet ice maker produces crystal clear ice which melts slowly, ideal for heating drinks without repainting, or as ice hockey to smash for new food preservation. No unwanted clearance is necessary, and air is drawn in and exhausted in the front. This ice maker includes a 14kg ice storage bin.

Skope Modular Ice Cube Maker

The GALA MDP150A ice maker is excellent for warm climates and active working surroundings. It generates pure, translucent ice with no hollows, ideal for scotch or whiskey. The truncated cone shaped ice cubes are acceptable for all kinds of eyeglasses. It is a modular device which takes another ice storage bin.

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