WOW: Shadow Land will lead players into the future 2

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 7th, 2019

WOW: Shadow Land will lead players into the future 2

Require the power of the covenant: Players will be required to establish contact with one of the four covenants that rule the new area of ​​the shadow zone, setting the tone for a complete covenant campaign for their journey in the expansion. As the player upgrades, you can continuously acquire new skills. Players will choose different skills to enhance their abilities according to their own needs, but at the same time don't forget the corresponding World of Warcraft gold. Because only with the help of Warcraft Gold, players will upgrade their skills and equipment faster. Including the career-specific abilities of each contract and developing a soul with specific contract members, which will give them specific characteristics and rewards for the character.

Climbing the Tower of Hell: The center of Hell's Gate is a tower of hell called Torghast. He is a slave to the world who has been cursed by time. Here, all the most evil souls of the entire universe are held. It is because of the existence of this tower that peace in the world can be maintained. The heroes were invited to explore the ever-changing halls and cells and fight the minions of Torghast's evil ruler jailer. Those who bravely face the test of it can get the legendary treasures and help the good heroes who are deliberately trapped by evil people to regain their freedom. As a loyal World of Warcraft player, I often buy Warcraft Gold at It is a lot of World of Warcraft gold trading that saves me a lot of game time and money! Let me become stronger in the game.

Each level has its own meaning: the Shadow Zone will introduce a new upgrade system, which means that each level has its own taste. The current maximum level character will start the shadow zone at level 50 and work towards the new 60 level cap.

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A new death corps emerged: In order to counter Sylvanas's attack on the ice cap, Bolvar Fordragon, the respected former paladin, inherited the Lich King's cloak and led all the most savage units of the Scourge to guard. A hero was recruited from all the peoples of Azeroth to support Archer’s death knight. With the Shadowlands, the Pandaren and all the Alliance races can now become Death Knights.

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