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Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 20th, 2020

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Road to exile also released the latest version of the game today, with an update to 3.10.0 that includes our much-anticipated Delirium. The new challenge league pushes players' enthusiasm to the peak, which is the best chance for players to win the championship. At the same time, the exciting league will also bring the most intense competition, once the players beat the monster in the league, they will get a lot of rewards.

All of the players' old characters and items still exist in standard and hardcore leagues, but we encourage players to participate in new types of games. Completing the challenge and winning the prize is the best way to help you, show your ability to many players and win the honor and Path of Exile Currency. In this extraordinary experience, we have to choose between character categories and do our best to develop them for the better, while facing enemies in the horde and dungeon.

Players will meet The mirror of Delirium in each area of The Delirium challenge. This is where the player needs to touch and interact with the mirror if they want the story to continue. When the player completes the interaction with the mirror, there will be a mist hanging over the players and random monsters will appear. At this point, the nightmare will appear in your mind. Monsters that appear at the same time also have great attack power. These dangerous monsters will lash out at you. If you choose to continue into the depths of the fog, you will face great danger. But you also get more rewards.

After you've won a lot of loot, you may find that you've found integration beads in your backpack. These new gems can only be purchased from the Delirium store, which is also available in the MMOAH, and you can insert them on the outside of the passive skill tree. Embedding one of these jewels will expand your tree to reveal new passive skills and skill depth, and lucky enough users will probably get Keystone, which modifies the attributes of the integrated gem. This kind of equipment is extremely rare in games!

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