Role of Dynamic 365 in Retail Business

Posted by Shahzad Ali on November 11th, 2019

The features of Dynamics 365 various apps are critical in the running of modern Retail Business like:

  • Sales – A complete business assistance engaging customers and sales processes
  • Marketing –Exclusively for marketing automation
  • Finance & Operations – Easily manages all the finances and related operations of an organization
  • Talent – Human capital management app dedicated to human resource departments and supports hiring activities.

Microsoft Dynamics for Sales Dubai

The above suite from Microsoft is designed to Optimize Business needs.

Dynamics 365 for Retail; which moves in sync with features for managing the front and back end of a modern retail business with some industry-specific tools to supplement it.

Dynamics 365 for Retail Offers Unified Business

Modern business has reached to a different level altogether. Customers have access to many outlets of Point of Purchase as they explore to browse, purchase products of their choice besides interacting with retailers. The business solutions need to be a seamless experience for the customers and must also facilitates to manage every aspect of their operations.

With the Microsoft stamp of assurance, Dynamics 365 for Retail provides an exceptional experience for shoppers across stores, mobile device or web in addition to contact centers by creating a reliable cross-channel platform through which customers can do the buying from anywhere and get the product collected from a different place.

Every individual aspect of your retail business has an option to be as unified as per your requirement.  For example, the payment methods can differ location-wise and so are the delivery methods, pricing, discounts and other accounting expenses.  Regardless of how you choose to distribute your retail channels, you can still be certain that the process will be precise with a real-time updated inventory.

Customer Experience Management

Despite having so many preferences and many businesses crave for the attention of consumers, but their command and clout in modern retail industry is too little.  The customers want to be respected and cherished for their act of patronage and loyalty.

Dynamics 365 with its brand app tools helps retailers to offer an actual and great unified experience by browsing a retailer’s product catalogue.  It can also personalize recommendations to the customers from their previous wish lists or purchases.  Developed on the basis of popular trends, desires or behaviors, buying habits of customers taken from their data, the app’s comprehensive customer profile enables such great custom experience.  One of the highlight of the app is the core customer loyalty features like the ability for customers to earn and redeem points or use gift cards besides redeeming promotional coupons across different channels where your business is operated.

Integrated Point of Sale System

Retails are delighted to certainly manage their merchandising, inventory and channel management processes easily…thanks to the integrated point of sale system of Dynamics 365 dedicated retail module. This module is flexi enough to be operated on-premise (mPOS) or through the cloud (cPOS) compatible with a wide-ranging devices like; mobile phones, tablets, across Windows, Android, iOS besides different web browsers etc.  Moreover, both deployment options offer its users a variety of interfaces to manage different business activities.

Enhanced Operations

The user-friendly Dynamics 365 for Retail is perfectly designed to ensure the smooth operations of your store.  The processes are efficiently handled by eliminating any omissions or slip ups. Further, in order to optimize the operations, your team can be kept informed about their duties and priorities regarding customer assistance, process transactions. Even the stock taking tasks can be deputed through the mPOS app on any device.

This multipurpose app compatible across various devices connects to Microsoft’s Common Data Service for Apps.  In other words, Dynamics 365 for Retail instantly integrates with other apps in the Dynamics suite seamlessly; like Cortana, Office 365, Outlook and PowerBI.  The users can take advantage of this feature by accessing Microsoft Flow-an automated workflow builder that enables the app to get integrated with any third-party programs or services even without the need for customized design.

Analytics and Intelligence

Armed with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, you are always ahead of times as actionable plans and real-time practical insights can be derived through machine learning. The app that is capable of digesting and learning from the data that is entered into it can make predictions to help you take sensible decisions about budgeting, purchasing, staff related issues on current and past data.

Some vital features like forecasting helps retailers to know the pulse of the market, in terms of time, specific products, location and the rate to sell.  When combined with the app’s automatic inventory replenishment, it enables retailers maintain stock consistency etc.  By applying this feature to optimal utility in Dynamics 365 for Retail, customer experience goes to the next level by indicating to customers the right course of action and releases actual or real customer service agents to deal with more important & priority issues to resolve.

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