5 homemade wood furniture polish made from ingredients you have at home

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Much over-the-As the new legislation regulates toxic materials, the lighting agent on the wooden furniture at the counter contains components subject to close scrutiny.

Some of the products under investigation include highly toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene, songfat, Zhengding gas, silicone polymer and phenol.

Such news has forced many housewives to turn to their own homemade wood furniture polish to make and use natural wood and leather furniture as well as some toxic substances contained in the furniture polish from aerosol and traditional, if you accidentally swallow or breathe in, it will have a negative impact on our health and our family-being;

Its impact on our children and family pets is particularly worrying. Long-

It is well known that exposure to a small amount of wood Poland over a period of time can cause disease

Has an impact on many people.

As we all know, they also have a negative impact on our environment.

If you are a housewife or homeowner, you often polish the furniture (

I know some people Polish every other day.

, Try to make your own polishing products with household materials that may be idle in the drawer.

Applying natural products on natural wood furniture is to make your wood furniture beautiful, shiny and updated, just like natural products are good for our skin and hair, they are also very suitable for natural materials such as wood, sugar cane, rattan.

Now, we are in an era of greater awareness of the food we eat and use physically;

We must also benefit from wood products.

Homemade products made of natural ingredients are not only better than the best aerosol polishing agent, but also can protect, moisturize and waterproof any kind of wooden furniture.

It also makes them live long.

The biggest advantage of making your own mixture of wood polish is that buying a bottle of toxic liquid furniture polish will cost you a fraction of the cost, in addition, the shelf life of homemade polish is very long, even if you don\'t store it in the fridge.

The best recipe for homemade furniture polish wood polish is easy to make in small singles

Using batches, you can mix fresh when you need some.

Depending on the natural product you want to use, it can be manual

Mix in a bowl or in a spray bottle.

For example, shea butter and beeswax recipes can be prepared in a bowl and can be stored in a wide-if you wish-

A mouth tank similar to a Mason can.

On the other hand, recipes using olive oil or coconut oil can be prepared and stored in a bottle with a spraynozzles.

The formula for homemade wood polish is as follows: Coconut oil furniture polish, olive oil Polish, butter furniture polish, oil furniture polish, beeswax furniture polish.

Coconut oil wood furniture made of coconut oil Poland complements natural wood, helping to extend the life of the furniture without cracking over time.

It can not only moisturize all kinds of natural wood, but also give full play to the natural luster and color of wood.

A cheap cup of melted coconut oil. (Not a virgin coldpressed)

4 tablespoons distilled white vinegar 1 fresh lemon (

Or 2 teaspoons of lemon juice)

Place melted coconut oil, white vinegar and lemon juice in a plastic spray bottle and shake violently until the mixture is emulsified.

How to use spray or spray on all your hardwood floor furniture and gently wipe with a clean micro-fiber cloth. 2.

Olive oil cheap olive oil is as effective as expensive olive oil, and if there is some old or forgotten olive oil behind your drawer, it will also work well.

This oil can make any wood surface look new and much better than the store

I bought the furniture polish.

A cup of olive oil and a cup of lemon juice (optional)

10 drops of lavender (or cedar wood)

Essential olive oil, lemon juice (optional)

, And essential oils in a bowl or spray bottle.

Shake or mix thoroughly.

You can put it in a plastic bottle or in a jar.

How to use a clean soft rag to rub a small amount of homemade wood furniture polish you just made on the surface of the furniture, including wood d. ©Items and carvings.

Polish/buff with another piece of cloth.

Olive oil will stink after a while, so it\'s better to make a fresh polish oil every time. 3.

Polish softening and condition wood and leather furniture.

So, whether it\'s your leather couch or your wood and leather combined accent chair, you don\'t need any fancy shops --

I bought the air conditioner when you can do it at home.

A few drops of cedar wood (or orange)

Essential oils mix butter and essential oils in a mixing bowl.

Soften if the shea butter is hard (But don\'t melt)

Put it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Once soft, stir the two ingredients with an electric or manual mixer.

Put it in a jar with a lid on it.

How to use this wood furniture glazing agent, which can also be used as a conditioner for leather furniture by adding a small spoon to the ultra-slim cloth and rubbing it to the furniture items). 4.

Jojoba oilJojoba oil homemade furniture Poland is an amazing liquid wax that will never expire, so if you plan to store your own made wood furniture polish, this is you

It is very light and has a long shelf life with almost no smell.

4 tablespoons of organic poached oil pellets4 cups of white vinegar (or lemon juice)

10 drops of eucalyptus oil place poached oil and beeswax particles in a small pan or a pintMason jar size

Fill a jar with a few inches of water and place the pot or small pan in the pan.

Stir continuously at low heat until the mixture is completely melted.

Add eucalyptus and lemon essential oils to the melted mixture and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon or bamboo ske.

Let the mixture cool for a few hours and store it in a closed container.

How to use soft cloth, apply a small amount of home-made furniture polish on the surface of wooden furniture.

Polish polish to shine with clean and soft cloth. 5.

Beeswax this furniture brightener restores moisture and gives a strong shine, takes longer to prepare, about halfan-hour.

However, it takes a few hours to cool down, so it\'s better to fill a jar, which can last you for about a year.

It\'s best to match some cheap olive oil.

Ingredients 2/3 cups of beeswax small cups 3 cups of olive oil 30 drops of vitamin E (optional)

10 drops of lavender or any Wood-scented essential oil to put beeswax and olive oil into the dual boiler system, which is easily produced by floating a smaller pan in a large pan full of hot water.

This is indirect heating and is the best way to keep the oil and wax intact.

Put in the medium and low heat and wait patiently until the mixture is completely melted and then add the vitamin E oil and essential oil. Stir well.

Pour hot wax-

Wide as a mixture

Mouth tank and allow cooling to the consistency of sesame oil (about 2 hours).

How to use this halfhard wax-

It\'s like polishing a hardwood floor or furniture surface with a clean cloth.

Wait for a while and then buff with a soft rag.

Homemade recipes

Tips and warnings from homemade furniture Poland guarantee your health, including the health of your family.

However, here are some tips for you.

Label the polish spray bottle or jar container and include the date you made the recipe. Donâx80x99t re-

Use bottles that previously contain other compounds or chemicals.

Buy a fresh container and only prepare it for your homemade furniture polish.

You don\'t need to polish wooden furniture a lot.

Two or four times a month is enough.

For your liquid or liquid wood polishing, shake the container well before each use.

This will help to recombine some of the ingredients that have been settled.

Vinegar and lemon juice are acidic natural foods that can be combined with residues from other products.

Use with caution according to instructions.

The benefits of using homemade wood putty you can mix in 5 to 10 minutes.

Homemade polish is cheap to make as you will find everything you need in the kitchen or bathroom.

You can prepare your mixture when you need to use it.

Homemade recipes do not contain chemicals and toxic substances.

No allergic reaction is guaranteed. Fragrance-free.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils if you like Poland with fragrance.

Your recipes are environment friendly and you don\'t have to worry about the handling of aerosol tanks.

You can use these homemade furniture polishing recipes on other wood products, such as cutting boards, needle needles, wooden countertops, bowls, and even some artificial wood furniture.

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