How to make your preschool a profitable venture?

Posted by rohit sharma on November 14th, 2019

Indeed starting a business venture is difficult but sustaining it is even more difficult. Though many business owners are able to make one time investments to start a business, most of them find going tough after a while. Running a business is like struggling with a new challenge every day. If you do not have a good understanding of the business and have limited resources you might even think of closing it down to stop further loses. Indeed closing a business that you passionately started is a difficult and painful decision. If the number of businesses is analyzed, one would find some common reasons for their shut down.

Number one reason is investments. Many business owners underestimate the money required to set up and run a business. When the money falls short and no other source is available the businessmen have no other option but to close shop.

Second is losing interest in the business. Well, you may start a business with a lot of passion but after some time it becomes a routine and demands your time and dedication if you have other engagements and are unable to give it time and leave it on others it is bound to collapse.

The third and the most common reason is lack of market demand for your product or service. No business big or small can sustain for long if it is unable to generate its own demand. Many reasons can be cited for this – lack of market research, slump in the market, unable to package your product well, not reaching the customers and so on.  We can, therefore, conclude that if we take care of the three main reasons for any business failure we can indeed make it happen.

I would suggest the business of preschool for precisely these three reasons. A preschool is a school a kid goes before he goes to a regular school at the age of five. Preschools impart nonformal education to children in the age group of two to four. This is a business suited to people who would like to earn a decent income on a regular basis without having to toil a lot. Ideally, women, retired people, self-employed professionals are best suited for this business.

 Indeed opening a preschool is a great idea in today’s environment when business sentiment is down in the country but this sector is growing at the rate of 23% and is likely to go on this way for at least five years. All you need is a 5000 square feet of property to open the school and investment and passion which would make your preschool top preschool in India.

Coming to the first point, it requires an investment of around one crore and you can sign up with a preschool franchise which would take care of the hassle of establishing the school for you. It would give your support in choosing the curriculum, interiors, staff selection and so on and all you have to do is follow a template. They would provide you with a kit which would have all the material required for new admissions like prospectus, diary, books, bags, etc. which would make your school look professional and save your time and energy on arranging them. This is one of the biggest play school franchise benefits. Your school would run on full capacity as the admissions would never be a problem.

Since the preschool runs for only four hours five days a week you are never short of time to do your other stuff. Most preschools are over by noon so you have enough time for yourself. Another plus point of opening a preschool is that it has no business cycles or fluctuations. Indeed you have a steady income throughout the year, year after year as this is a recurring business.

Thirdly, when you sign up with a preschool franchise you are assured of breakeven in three years flat. The name and reputation of the franchise come to your rescue and your school gets the brand of your franchise partner. The brand partner has a reputation so parents flock to your school as you might be new but they have trust in the brand that you have play school franchise benefits are many but assured income is certainly its most valuable plus point. The top preschool in India are making a good profit as they have invested time and money with the preschool franchise but you can also be the next big gainer in the game.

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