Do Whatever You Feel; Feel Whatever You Do…

Posted by happyrealization on November 25th, 2019

This article is going to be an interesting one…

To begin with, let me give you an insight into why is it essential to revive the feel…

Feel is the essence of happiness. Feelings are the best judge to distinguish between the things you like and which you don’t.

Even you must have experienced that time falls short while doing anything you enjoy. It is because of the involvement of feel in your work. On the contrary, the time slowly limps while doing anything you don’t enjoy. Again, it is because the sincere feel to perform it is missing.

Therefore, you must try to do things you feel to do. When you feel it, you will be able to love it.

Subsequently, when you do things which you love, you will be able to enjoy it. When you enjoy it, you give it a chance to turn it into your passion. My dear friend, if you do anything passionately, it infuses a powerful self-belief you. Finally, things start happening in your favor.

A few heartfelt realizations…
Your work must make you happy. Summon into minds that if your work is not making you happy, there is a lot to ponder upon. If your work is not energizing you, something is not right.

Straight out, if your work is tiring you, IT IS NOT YOUR WORK.

Be mindful of the fact that excellence in any field requires the feel to do and perform. Feel releases an active energy to perform a task dedicatedly. You can say that the feel associated with your works is the mantra of success.

By now, I am sure you must be realized that why is it important to do whatever you feel. Better said than done, is it so easy? Is life so lenient on us?

Let’s find out...

The Reverse formula …
We can say that it is the ideal condition we were talking about. Everyone does not get the opportunity to pursue their passion and follow their dreams.

Time and Situations are not always perfect where you do things according to your preferences and choices. Not even that, sometimes you are even forced to do things which you don’t feel to do.

Factors like upbringing, surrounding social environment, situations of every individual are different and classified. Everyone does not get an opportunity to do whatever they feel.

Some compromise for their loved ones and some compromise because they don’t have any loved ones. And this is what life is all about…Adjustments.

Many people have to adjust and adapt themselves as per time and situation. There are many individuals who have to comply with circumstances to earn bread without any other option available.

No wonder, life is unpredictable with twists and turns. We don’t always get an opportunity to set the dancing tune for ourselves.

Therefore, it is essential for us to take things positively with the right attitude. And this is when the reverse formula works…

When you can’t do whatever you feel, start feeling whatever you do…

Crying over your plight or surrendering to an unfavorable situation is not the solution. It is a lose-lose situation.

My dear friend, when you can’t do whatever you feel, try to feel whatever you do. The sooner you realize it, the happier you shall become. It is all about the mindset. It is all about how you perceive things and people.

Always remember, the only constant thing about time is that it always changes. If time is not running according to you, you start running according to time. Be patient… If you are not able to do things you feel, begin to feel things what you are doing now. This way, at least you give yourself a chance to love it. Who knows, it might start working for you, and you start enjoying it.

Eventually, you might realize that you are the best person for that work, which in-turn could develop into your passion. Now, this is always a win-win situation. Either do whatever you feel or feel whatever you do. However, if you are not doing any of the two, I am afraid that you are fooling yourself. Moreover, you are denying happiness in the process. Start doing something about it now…

P.S…I told you this is going to be an interesting one…

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