SMPP Software- Technical Facilitator in Transferring Messages

Posted by shivangi on November 29th, 2019

SMPP application or Short Message Peer-to-Peer is effectively used for transmitting and receiving SMSs to and from GSM, TDMA, UMTS, and iDEN cell phones. The application is leveled technically to level-7 TCP/IP protocol that makes way for quick delivery of messages to a large number of customers. The users of an SMPP software can enjoy some of the greatest advantages of this protocol, especially when it comes to sending and receiving messages through GSM modems. Users get the flexibility of sending messages to simple shortcodes. The SMPP protocol has the potential of delivering more than 5000 messages every second while recording the address of the sender in alphanumeric mode.

Advantages of Using an SMPP Application

SMPP software is basically one of the most important products offered by a number of popular companies across India. The majority of the service providers in this field are professionally engaged in the manufacture of communication tools. These companies enjoy a great market reputation. They are technologically superior in comparison to the other companies operating in the market. SMPP service providers work with the objective of developing a good amount of market share in the manufacture of SMPP.

Many users are aware of the fact that SMPP is a technically low-level binary internet protocol facilitating the process of delivering and receiving a large number of messages. When using SMPP, the users do not need to have SIM cards or GSM modems. Instead, they can easily do with a reliable internet connection and the services of an SMPP provider. There are large scale advantages that come from the use of an SMPP application instead of a GSM modem. The advantages are as follows:

  • SMPP software users have the flexibility of using alphanumeric sender IDs. Take for instance; they can use the names of their companies in place of contact number.

  • Users also get the flexibility of using shortcodes such as three, four or five-digit contact numbers instead of the normal length. This makes SMPP perfect for faster message transmission and operation requirements.

  • Users of an SMPP application also get the option of availing lean guidance. Alternatively, they can even use Kannel which is an open-source client for guiding their SMPP procedures.

  • Users also get the flexibility of using the services of commercial clients with the free trial facility. SMPP simulators can also be used for simulating the services of SMPP providers.

Uses of SMPP Software

There are varied uses of an SMPP software and we will have a look at them below:

  • An SMPP application can effectively be used for sending voicemails to different mobile users.

  • It can also be used for delivering message notifications to mobile users. Take for example, when the server is down, users can be notified about the same using an SMPP software. In the same way, students can also be informed about canceled lessons by making the effective use of SMPP.

  • SMPP applications can even be used for sending traffic jam and stock exchange alerts and for making weather forecasts.

  • SMPP can also be used for sending MMS notifications.

There are several telemetry users also served by SMPP servers.

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