Why Do You Need Braces?

Posted by Sealectric on December 3rd, 2019

Orthodontics or orthodontics is to fix teeth and jaw problems that are in the wrong position. May have teeth that do not protrude or gnash together Not thoroughly cleaned Poses a risk of dental caries and gum disease It also results in the occlusion of chewing food. Pain at various points, such as the joints, jaw, neck, shoulders, and back, can result in overly protruding teeth or in an improper position that can affect personality as well.

Nowadays, there are increasing number of orthodontics and the group of orthodontists is not limited to children or adolescents, working people and adults are interested in Braces for treatment.

You simply can't overstate the fact that Braces treatments are usually expensive. Thus, it truly is important when you search to find that financing possibilities available in front of you personally. You can also ask your physician when they can provide you with some other beneficial supplies to make the treatment affordable for you.

For some people, looking at orthodontics is a matter of fashion. Focus on the beauty more than the need to maintain And because orthodontics by dentists may have a high service fee There is a step-by-step treatment so fashion braces may be used for inappropriate locations because they are fast and cheap, such as at department stores or markets. And not performed by a professional dentist In addition, the materials used are not up to standard. No cleanliness As a consequence, whether it is chronic gingivitis, tooth decay, face changing and severe to the heart and brain infections.

Therefore should be admitted Orthodontics at a dental clinic that has standards of cleanliness and sterile and should consult a medical professional to analyze the condition of the teeth that should be treated with orthodontics or not. The orthodontic treatment can be divided into 3 groups which are.....

The group needs to be treated
The group that should be treated
Groups that want to be treated for beauty

The group needs to be treated
Abnormal facial structure in children treated by orthodontics In adults, treatment is performed by orthodontics. Together with plastic surgery.

Lower teeth straddle the upper teeth. The front teeth straddling the upper front teeth are Characteristics in which only one lower front teeth, such as the upper jaw, is restricted to growth while the lower jaw can grow. Causing a concave face style And may cause abnormalities in the jaw joints.

Deep sagging teeth, the upper front teeth straddling the lower front teeth more commonly If not treated, the lower jaw will grow less than usual. And injury to the gums on the palate of the front teeth.

Open incisors, the top and bottom teeth open apart from each other while they open Failure to do treatment may result in the removal of food. Unclear pronunciation With unusual swallowing characteristics.

The chin is distorted, the lower jaw is flat from the center of the face. Due to abnormal tooth position The loss of primary teeth Will result in the bone sockets in the area growing less than normal.

The group that should be treated
Very stacked teeth is a large, disordered arrangement of teeth in the jaw. Spaced teeth are the characteristics that one side of the tooth does not touch the side of the next tooth. Causing gaps between teeth Blur When he was spitting Lose personality.

Overhang teeth are the characteristics in which the front teeth or the lower teeth are more protruding than the front Causing the patient to have lips in the lips Or the lips are not completely closed Upset personality.

Groups that want to be treated for beauty
Patients may have a slightly unusual occlusion, but there is a need for orderly teeth. Or want to make your face more beautiful Therefore come to request orthodontics, including patients with normal back occlusion but slightly more extended front teeth Which does not affect the occlusion much.

But patients want to receive orthodontics Maybe due to Friends say hello or not confident in yourself. Patients with slightly overlapping teeth Patients with normal tooth alignment but see orthodontics as a fashion issue Want to receive braces like a friend And if the orthodontic treatment is not well maintained Will be a source of plaque and limestone deposits Including wasting time and money as well.

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