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Posted by Sealectric on December 5th, 2019

After many businesses Or even famous service stores like Starbucks, KFC has announced a policy Reducing the use of plastic tubes because it is the main problem in global warming and other conditions. Until becoming a greener trend at present, resulting in sales of paper straws rising many times As for China, there is also awareness of the trend of the world. Turned to use materials that can decompose more naturally Including the beginning of anti-plastic materials or packaging as well.

Paper tubes that are recognized around the world for quality Is a paper tube manufactured in Asia Because the paper is made of quality wood that is tough, strong, during the use of more than 12 hours, but at present, the European side has produced paper tubes as well. But with the price and procurement still higher and more difficult to buy than general plastic tubes, many businesses and entrepreneurs still choose to use plastic tubes.

Floral is a factory producing and distributing paper tubes, eco-friendly tubes, plastic tubes, both straight and bent Including sloping designs and envelope designs in your brand, no. 1 in China. There are over 1,000 customers that accept and trust in our products such as the Estin Hotel Chain, the U-Hotel Group and many other hotels. In general, China and around the world With quality production methods With modern tools and technology. Go through every step of the inspection until reaching the customers and consumers.

Paper tubes that can be strong and immersed in water for up to 12 hours without decay. Which before making this paper tube production Personally, it takes some time to find information. Despite having the basis for the production of paper cores But when condensed into a very small tube, it has to be studied before starting to produce and more importantly, it costs tens of millions of money Without anyone in the family agreeing to doing business This time the paper tube But the real intention And goals are not a matter of business, everyone understands and allows.

Paperstrawsking is the most trusted paper drinking straws supplier, so you can purchase paper drinking straws from us.

However, everything is like our side. Because after the whole world came out to campaign Seriously to stop using plastic tubes Made from the past that it is likely to reach customers, must use a period of not less than 5 years, it appears that it only takes one year. Can reach more and more customers and think that if more sales Until at a level that can be priced as much as or similar to plastic tubes Reduced the price to be close to the plastic tube immediately. So that people and people around the world turn to use more paper tubes. In order to change the environment for the better, this is considered successful.

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