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The professional definition of an interior decorator is interior design. Including the design of interior products by building the knowledge and ideas in art, design, production and marketing together to complete the construction. In which the decorator must operate by specifying the details of the components Layout of the layout Including supervising the work of interior designers, for example, designing interior spaces for residences, exhibition spaces and exhibitions Including the arrangement within the mall display kiosks Or the area inside the motor vehicle, such as boats or airplanes, buses, etc.

The nature of the work done
The decorator is the person who thinks and plans the design of the interior of the building. Workplace or residence The decorator must work with the employer in various steps. With the following work characteristics 

Make detailed notes for designing and creating works to meet customer needs. To impress and make it as eye-catching as possible. Click here: for details.

Conducting studies on structure And calculate the budget, price required for all interior design operations Which need to consider the quality of the material In order to maximize utility and meet the target usage within the building.

Propose budget and drawing plan Allow customers to consider and make additional modifications.

After the model has been completed Here you can send a technician to the implementation of the restructuring plan, for example, welders, steel or carpenter and so on.

Conducting and coordinating with various departments Including systems that are involved in the construction, interior design.

Give advice and discuss with the technician about the design scheme. In order to be beneficial to the operation, must come out according to the contract conditions specified
doing work

Usually, the design work of the decorator Must perform internal work, including outside the office In the operation, sometimes it may be necessary to use a computer program to be used as a helper for interior and building design. To be more convenient and easy

Qualifications of professionals: Qualifications of those who are able to work as an interior decorator include

Have qualifications in the Faculty of Architecture Interior decoration branch Undergraduate
creativity Is unique And have prudence in working
Have the ability to apply various materials within the country to apply the design appropriately and maximize benefits
Have skills in applying computer programs to create designs
Self-discipline And have an understanding of business services
Have the ability to work with others can work as a team Including having good human relations with colleagues
Have vision and are enthusiastic in developing their own abilities and knowledge
Must know and study resources for the purchase of various materials and raw materials.
Able to design the interior correctly according to the principles and to meet the needs of customers Both in terms of safety and budget, reasonable price.

Career development opportunities
Progression opportunities for the decorator career in that government The position will be promoted according to the skill and ability of the workers in the department that is under it. Until it may be promoted to the position of director if the decorator develops his work better As for an independent decorator, you can do private business. And can expand the business to grow more continuously as according to the ability.

The difference between an architect and an interior decorator
The architect is responsible for the design of both the exterior and interior of the building. That is necessary to consider the design with regard to the environment, including the layout of the building To be consistent with the direction of the sun, wind, rain, weather and emphasize the maximum benefit to users, for example, the design of traffic areas, open space, living space, windows, doors or overhang of the eaves, etc., although the architect is not responsible. In the design of furniture layouts for direct interior decoration But the basic furniture layout principles are important to learn in order to be able to position the plugs and switches. To be related to the furniture and the use of the residents.

The decorator is responsible for interior design of the building after the architect. Which must be designed and layout for the placement of furniture in the room. Color selection Wall decoration The choice of wall covering materials Including the decoration of the room with various materials that are beautiful, such as the use of carpets, lamps, curtains, cabinets and counters. But in some cases, demolition may be needed to change the internal structure to be suitable for the installation of furniture, for example demolition of the ceiling in order to create a play style, to create hidden lights or to demolish to build a bathroom in a new way.

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