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Posted by Rubina Parveen on December 11th, 2019


Travelling via aeroplanes is an anxiety-inducing circumstance for many. People may be scared of flights, or not trust the mechanics, whatever the reason is, some find flying scary. Here’s how to beat that fear

Trapped in a metal tube that’s flying thousands of meters in the air, that sounds a bit scary right? Flights are also uncomfortable, cramped spaces that don’t allow for much movement. Your co-passengers are another nightmare to look forward to, you don’t know who’s annoying and who snores. A person either loves or hates flying. Those who love it can book their flights on FlyDubai for the best experience.

Another thing that makes people hesitate about flying is the cost. Aeroplanes are one of the costliest methods of getting from point A to point B, though it is fast. However, when you’re using Barakatalan’s coupons, your flights aren’t so costly anymore. Save more and have a pleasant flight. Here are a few flying tips that will make the experience a bit better. 

Tire yourself out before the flight

It’s always a good idea to exercise, or just tire yourself out before a long flight. Skip on the coffee that day. This will ensure that you will fall asleep as soon as you take off. Exercises also boost endorphins, which make you less susceptible to sickness. Book your flight using Flydubai Promo Code, and your flight will be extremely comfortable. You’ll fall asleep even sooner.

Make sure your carry-on will be allowed

Double and triple check whether what you have in your carry on luggage is permitted on the flight. No one likes throwing away full bottles of lotions or a fresh water bottle. The process is also emotionally tiring. So, to save yourself from this situation, re-check whether what you’re carrying is allowed. 

Dress Comfy and Dress Warm

No one will be judging your outfit on a flight. When you’re two hours into a 14-hour long flight, you’ll be the one who’s paying the consequences of wearing skinny jeans and a crop top, or something similar. Dressing warm and comfy will give you some sense of happiness in where you are, even if you are miles up in the air. 

Pick good seats

If you’re booking months in advance, you have the liberty to choose what seats you want. Always opt for a window or an aisle seat. No one likes sitting in the middle, and it could actually ruin the whole mood. Choose your seats with flydubai offers. 

Be nice to the air hostesses

This goes without saying, but be on your best behaviour to the air hostesses. They don’t like passengers who are rude and as a result, the service will be a bit poor. However, if you’re extremely nice to them, they automatically take more care of you. Apart from this, it is also generally expected that you’re nice to people trying to help you. 

We’ve given you some tips on what you can change up when you’re on a flight. Follow these pointers for the best flying experience the next time you head out. 


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