World of Warcraft Classic-Hunter

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 11th, 2019

World of Warcraft Classic-Hunter

Hunter is a very harmful profession. Due to their excellent ability to pull monsters and attack monsters from a distance, they can certainly knock down enemies faster. Their pets increase damage and can help control monster hatred to some extent. Hunter's various traps make it possible to control the monster to some extent. Their combination of extreme attack distance, powerful damage, and trapping ability make the hunter the best monster puller for any team. What we are talking about now is not how to play games-a fascinating feature of a profession is that players have a long and deep understanding of its specificity and eventually master its operation!

Occupational characteristics
Able to tame and control various beasts, and get additional WOW Classic Gold For Sale
Ability to use Cheetah Guardian and Wolves Guardian to speed up the movement of themselves and the team, respectively
Have special skills to deal with beasts
Ability to use different special skills of the beast
Good at tracking escaped beasts and players
You can only wear leather armor at the beginning, so it's weaker against damage than Paladins / Warriors
You can wear Mail after level 40
Cannot wear plate armor
Hunters have few melee skills and are better at long range combat

Source and evolution
In ancient times, in order to obtain the food and skins needed, some people came out of their comfortable homes or busy farmlands to venture into the ruthless primitive world, and those who persisted became hunters. At first they had nothing to do with the war, but Azeroth's raging war forced them to pick up weapons and traps in their hands and summon their pets to defend their homes. From then on, the hunter appeared on the battlefield as part of the standing army in both camps. Buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold now at MMOWTS.COM and enjoy the lowest price. Every time I buy here, it saves me time and energy.

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