9 Best Pole Saws in 2020 (Comparison & Reviews Included)

Posted by john kabir on December 22nd, 2019

How to cut with a jigsaw?

- To make the straight cut, we can use the parallel guide of the machine or place a fixed ruler.

- To make circular cuts, we use the special guide.

- It should always be cut on the disposable part of the cut, so that any surplus can be removed with a brush, rasp or by polishing. Best Pole Saw 

- To cut plastic, we will use reduced speed, to prevent heat from melting the plastic.

- We will exercise a regular rhythm at intermediate speed, without exerting pressure, since this alters the normal cut of the blade, forcing the machine.

- It is necessary to adapt the cutting speed according to the material to be cut.

- Always use sheets in good condition. Best Reciprocating Saw 

- If you are going to cut ceramics it is done with a carbide blade at a slow speed, without forcing the machine.

- In large cuts, it is necessary to frequently interrupt the task to cool the saw blade.

Once you have everything you need, we can start cutting. We will rest the front part of the base of the saw on the piece, with the blade separated from it and aligned with respect to the line of cut. Connect the saw and enter it in the piece, on the waste side of the cutting line. Move the saw forward evenly and without forcing it. Approximately upon reaching the last centimeter of cut reduces the speed of the saw, holding the leftover, while cutting it. Use an adjustable side guide to guide you when cutting straight. When the cutting line is too far from the edge to use the side guide, slide the edge of the tool base over a slat that you have previously attached to the part.

To make a circular opening in a board, first make a hole for the blade, in the inner area of ​​the opening, then insert the blade through the hole, connect the jigsaw and make the opening in a single pass. To make a quadrangular opening follow the same procedure but going into the corners and then backing approximately 25 mm., Then make a curved cut to align the sheet with the next side of the opening. Finally, remove the triangular remains that have remained in the corners, cutting in the opposite direction.

The very closed curved cuts must be made with an adjustable blade, although if they are not excessively closed they can be made at a free table, with virtually any type of blade.

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