3 Things To Consider When Buying a Pool Table

Posted by So Cal Pool Tables on January 9th, 2020

Taking a break from work and playing some indoor games can refresh your energy. It is nice to enjoy leisure hours with friends and family around a pool table. Even if people don’t have much time to hang out with their buddies, a pool game with a couple of drinks will rejuvenate their relationship. Such practice reduces stress and social withdrawal symptoms. Modern homeowners are looking for a 7ft pool table for sale across the country. If you want to live a joyful life, get a pool table installed in your home. Visit a reputed dealer near you and purchase pool table accessories at fair rates.

When you meet pool table dealers, you will need to consider a few things before investing in the equipment and other packages.

Most manufacturers use various types of wood to build a frame of pool tables. They also create the frame in different designs and sizes as per the preference of billiard players. Look for a table frame that has one center beam and two cross beams. This structure will provide adequate support to hold the table weight. The frame carries the burden of activities you do upon the table. If you have any doubt about the type of materials for the table parts, consult an expert in the town and find out which type will be suitable for your use.

There are three standard sizes of pool tables - seven-foot table: 3.5' x 7' A - 11' x 14' B - 12' x 15' C - 13' x 16', eight-foot table: 4' x 8' A - 12' x 15' B - 12' x 16' C - 13' x 17', and nine-foot table: 4.5' x 9' A - 12' x 16' B - 13' x 17' 
A sports arena may use standard 9ft size for competitive events. Meanwhile, your home is not a commercial place and you don’t want it to be too crowded. You should measure the size of the room where you want to install a pool table. If you are planning to get the table for a garage game, searching for a 7ft pool table for sale is a good idea. Once you figured out the dimension of the room, place your order for accessories from a top dealer.

The surface covering material of a pool table comes in different materials and colors. The felt of the table determines the quality of the table as well as the performance of players. Some common types of felt materials are wool, worsted wool, and teflon. You should choose the right one depending on the uses and your budget.

When you are ready to bring in the pool table, call the dealers who provide installation and maintenance services. A team of mechanics will visit your place and they will do the job as quickly as possible at an affordable rate.

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