When Did You Update Your Makeup kit?

Posted by dennishahn on January 13th, 2020

You came from a party, and you're agitated about something. Party was good, the meal was excellent, and everything was well managed but it's your face that is not letting you feel good somehow. You are feeling itchy and uncomfortable and you can't wait to remove your makeup well this could be because you have not updated your makeup kit for a while now. With the rising number of Indian cosmetic brands the competition is high, so you want to buy the best products available in the market but what if you overuse those products and end up hurting delicacy of your face. In this article, you will know how long will your beauty product last? Here are the 5 most used beauty products you should know when to update: -

1. Liquid Foundation:

Liquid Foundation and Concealer can be usable for 6 to 12 months, depending upon the quality of the product. You should also keep them safe from the harmful UV rays. If any point you see the change in colour of the foundation you may have to replace it with a new box.

2. Lipstick:

Usually, Lipsticks last for 20 months to 24 months but if you notice the dryness or change of smell, you may have to change the product even before it is officially expired.

3. Mascara:

Mascara can only last up to 2, 3 months. You should be careful while using Mascara. After applying on your eyes make sure you put the applicator back into the container also sharing Mascara might not be a good option due to eye infections danger.

4. Face Powder:

Face Powder products can last up to 2 years and you should keep it away from the sunlight exposure. If you notice it is getting flakier or dryer should avoid using it again.

5. Take Care of Your Makeup Tools:

While you are so concerned about the life span of your Makeup products, you owe regular cleansing of the makeup tools in your box. Brushes and applicators usually last for 6 months and require regular 'servicing'. You can wash the brushes and dry them regularly. You should also wash Makeup blending sponge and cream highlighter regularly.

So now you know how to take care of your face by keeping your makeup kit updated. Reputed Indian cosmetic brands like YBP cosmetics deliver good quality products and charge reasonable prices for them. So, you can go ahead and try them without any worries.

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