Top 5 Useful Tips on CCTV Installation

Posted by elain martell on January 13th, 2020


It is a difficult task to install a CCTV on your residential or commercial spaces unless you know the basics of installing it correctly.

However, if you need to install a CCTV Camera without the help of professionals recently, these few tips are going to be helpful for you.

Know the Camera Power:It is recommended to use the regulated power supplies with high tolerance while installing the camera. This should be 5% of the required voltage. The camera capacity should also be 40% of the necessary power supply. This is also important to prevent overheating and voltage loss. Use the power cable with a suitable thickness, which can prevent the voltage drops and can work for a long distance.

Ensure Proper Cabling: Never run the video cables parallel to the AC power cables when it’s with high current. It is also recommended to avoid any sharp bends when cabling. Also, don’t over-tight the cable-ties by doing a wire-stripping. You should label data signal cables and the camera with a UV-proofing system before installing it.

Do the Testing before Installation: This is very important to test all the equipment before installation. This is about the confirmation of the sub-sections if they are working right or not. Make sure all the mounting brackets are correctly sealed to prevent condensation in the camera. To get the best quality CCTV installation, consider finding the right Aerial & Satellite Installation Surrey service.

VCR Considerations: The time-lapse VCR considerations will ensure continued operation with quality recordings. This will also allow you to record quality pictures. Thus, you can assure the best security system in your properties. You can preserve the original content at different stabilization.

Wireless Video Transmission: This is important if you want a proper installation in the receiver and transmitter. Avoid trees in the transmission path because they can cause interference. Ensure proper alignment between the transmitter and the receiver to get rid of this. Also, be concerned about the lighting.

Moreover, try to avoid direct sunlight on the equipment because it will affect the camera. Place the cameras in the right places where people cannot reach. These little tips will help you with a better installation of CCTV cameras in your properties.

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