How to conduct video conferencing effectively?

Posted by jaques montegolifier on January 15th, 2020

Several companies are now adopting methods of video conferencing to connect with their employees, clients, and suppliers that are spread across the globe. Research also has shown that most technologically advanced companies are using video conferencing as an integrated communication mode. Given the increasing number of business interactions over video calls, it is becoming increasingly important to educate staff about what to do and what not to do during video conference calls.

Firms now offer video conferencing training to assist workers in the business. Video conferencing enables remote participants to engage in vital face-to-face conversations with no travelling.

Some of the ways to improve the video conferencing are:

•    Try keeping it simple: Everyone recognizes for the reality that it is crucial to keep things simple means it is clearer and more correct. This means keeping the video call short and simple. It is essential as everyone in the office has chaotic work schedules. Unimportant discussions can be wasteful and inefficient.

•    Use a lot of visuals: One of the best ways to keep video conferences stimulating is to use visuals and graphics. With many online tools, you can exchange PowerPoint presentations, videos, maps, and other items in real-time.

•    Be prepared for the meetings: One of the critical aspects to consider for video presence coaching and training is to deliver a vital message to other participants. Nothing is appalling than going without any agenda for a meeting and making the presenter late for the meeting. Prepare the agenda for the meeting and give other members of the meeting the schedule. During the call, keep to the plan. It not only boost productivity but increases competence. Make sure you set a tone for the meeting and give other people enough time to prepare for any queries and take part in the presentation. That way, even out of the meeting room conversations will continue.

•    Have an excellent conference room: Companies prefer open-plan offices and invest in video conferencing training. Small rooms can give on wide-angle views, whereas large rooms will offer the companies a double screen. This way you can see the participants in one of the filters and the presentation on the other screen.

•    Keep interruptions low: It's clear, but all of them need to focus on the meeting, not on other activities. Deactivate pop-up notifications and other distractive programs, notifications, and emails if you want to split the screen with others. You must ensure to put your mobile phones on silent as well. Organizations that use video conferencing to connect have recorded fewer multitasking incidents during conferences, resulting in shorter sessions.

•    Be prepared and confident: Video conference these days is no longer just an approach to holding meetings of the company board. Video presence coaching and training need you to be satisfied while engaging in video meetings. Like texting and talking on the phone, video conference involvement is about a way to get stuff discussed and tasks getting delivered. So, stay calm while appearing on the camera during video conferencing.

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