What is Alport Syndrome, Its Symptoms and Treatment

Posted by vivek choudhary on January 18th, 2020

Alport syndrome is a disease that damages the mini blood vessels in the kidney. It leads to kidney failure and kidney disorders. It also causes hearing loss and problems within the eyes. Alport syndrome causes harm to the organs by attacking the Glomeruli. It is a tiny filtering unit within the kidney.

According to a kidney hospital in Chandigarh says that it is an inherited disease that passes on through families. It is caused by dynamic genes (mutation) to a protein called collagen. Collagen is essential to the standard structure and role of the kidneys. Changes in collagen can insight the problems related to eyes and ears. That’s because collagen helps in maintaining healthy tissue in the eyes and ears.

There are variants of three genetic Alport syndromes:

  • X-linked Alport syndrome most prevalent form of Alport syndrome, almost present in 80% of patients.
  • Autosomal recessive Alport syndrome happens when both parents carry the abnormal genes, and both parents pass the abnormal genes to the child.
  • Autosomal dominant Alport syndrome happens when a parent carries disease and passes the abnormality gene to the child.


Signs and Symptoms of Alport Syndrome

All the types of a syndrome are capable of affecting the kidney. The tiny blood vessels in the glomeruli of the kidneys get damaged and cannot filter the wastes along with extra fluid in the body. The best kidney doctor in Chandigarh says that several people suffering from Alport syndrome have hearing issues and irregularities with their eyes.

  • The most typical and earliest sign is unitary blood accommodated by pain.
  • Protein in the uterine
  • Hypertension
  • Inflated legs, ankle, feet, and surroundings of the eyes.
  • Hearing loss and Vision Loss

These symptoms do differ based on age, gender, and inherited variety of Alport syndrome.

 Treatment of Alport Syndrome

Currently, there is no precise treatment of Alport syndrome. The aim is to treat the signs and help slow the progression of kidney disease. This includes:

  • ACE inhibitor or ARB medicines for controlling the hypertension
  • Diuretics that are water pills
  • Limiting the sodium in your diet

The doctor does recommend seeing a dietitian for helping to stick to your new limitations while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many times, though, the kidney disease will progress to end-stage renal disease, for which you’ll either have to go on dialysis or alternatively a kidney transplant.

  • Dialysis is an artificial course of removing and filtering waste from the body using a machine. The dialysis machine basically purposes as a substitute for your kidneys.
  • A Kidney transplant in Chandigarh involves surgically replacing the defected kidney with a healthy one from a donor.

According to the private hospital in Panchkula, a kidney transplant is effective in patients with Alport syndrome and considered the best treatment when kidney failure is arriving.


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