5 Rights You Have as Someone with Chronic Pain

Posted by Performance Spine & Sports Medicine on January 28th, 2020

Nobody said that living with chronic pain was easy. If you are just starting your search for pain management doctors near me, it’s important to know some of the rights that you have as somebody who suffers from chronic pain. On this page, we will break down 5 of the most important rights you have that you need to be aware of while searching for help.

1. To Be Taken Serious & Treated with Respect

Even if your level of chronic pain is laughable compared to what other people in a particular treatment center face, you still have the right to be taken seriously and treated with respect. Don’t get lost in comparing your condition to others. In all reality, chronic pain should always

2. Your Own Desired Course of Treatment

If you come in and visit our pain management doctor Raritan NJ, we will work with you to develop a course of treatment that works for your condition. Most importantly, it will be directly aligned with the most efficient healing process possible and your own personal wishes.

3. To Be Educated on Your Condition

Without proper education on your condition, you will be much more likely to be taken advantage of by doctors and other medical professionals. Just as a mechanic might rip you off from a standpoint of ignorance, so could a doctor. Therefore, you deserve to be given all the facts available on your condition before you decide the right course of treatment and what you will pay for it!

4. Avoiding Medications that You Aren’t Comfortable With

The absolute last thing you deserve as a patient is to be force-fed and prescribed medications that you are not comfortable taking. Opioids, for example, might not be something that you want to use for helping your chronic pain. You have the right to say no!

5. Seeing the Doctor of Your Choice

If one doctor gives you a complete diagnosis and treatment plan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stick with them. Especially if you are not comfortable with them, what they charge, and what their plan of action is. Remember that you always have the right to choose which doctor treats your condition of chronic pain.

Ready to Get the Pain Management Treatment that You Deserve?

Keeping in mind the rights that we described above, we here at Performance Pain believe in providing high-quality chronic pain management that keeps you informed and in control at all steps of the process. Visit our pain center Raritan NJ and receive a consultation today!

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