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PORK is the common name for a meat coming from hogs (pigs). It is eaten as a source of protein in many countries (with the exclusion of others who forbid eating it due to religious reasons). But now, let?s talk about its usefulness which is not appreciated by other people.

Pork is one of the most widely eaten meats in the world, accounting for about 38% of meat production worldwide, although consumption varies widely from place to place. Pork can be considered as the number one food present in any occasions. It is prepared in various ways for it to be palatable in the mouth of the person who eat it. Pork may be cooked from fresh meat or cured over time. The best preparation ever tasted is the ?sweet and sour pork curled with grounded peanuts and spices?, a native cuisine available in the Philippines. It is very well-known for its juicy taste of sweet plus sour combined with the aroma of nature produced by grounded peanuts. Spices are added to prolong the satiation period of the consumers. Lechon is the next in-line, which boosted the pride of every individual who visited the beautiful country of Philippines. This cuisine is naturally made by letting an entire body of a pig (internal organs removed and replaced with different seasonings and vegetables) to be smoked 6 inches above the burning charcoal. The external portion of the cuisine will turn into an orange peel after 2 hours of cooking. I?ll read what is in your mind. ?What it tastes?? Oh, it is very indescribable in terms of feeling after taking it but I will assure you that it is very delicious.

Those samples of cuisine above are delicious foods that can be considered as one of the usefulness of pork in terms of physiologic aspects. How about the economic aspects of those persons who earn a living with his livestock more specifically pork; should these be presented as one of pork?s usefulness? A normal businessman earns 5000 pesos (equivalent to 100 dollars) a week if he sells 50 kilograms of pork in the market. This income helps a family to create a big happy family. This is an example of the economic usefulness of a pork. In terms of emotional aspect, pork is helpful in times a wife of a husband is sad. Pork has been considered as a symbol of longevity, truthfulness and loyalty to a partner. This is because of the character of a pig that sticks to one place if committed to the pigpen?s specific area. This is compared to a married woman who is being promised of loyalty and truthfulness.  In terms of mental aspects, pork increases quantity of proteins inside the body. Protein is needed for the brain to function in ADL.

The significance of pork should be uphold but we need also to be cautious because everything above moderation is not good for the body.

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