Why Empathy is one of the Most Celebrated Human Emotions

Posted by Timeless Issues on February 6th, 2020

The power of communication with full expression is rare and humans have been tremendously blessed with the power to skillfully communicate every single emotion. Among the endless creation of the Almighty, humans have been bestowed with a myriad of emotions and one of the most notable expressions among them is empathy i.e. the ability to comprehend one's thoughts and understanding their feelings completely by immersing into one's personal frame of reference without actually having to discuss the feelings in detail. Humans necessarily emulate empathy that gives them superior power over someone's thoughts and hence the power to change the traumatic experience that one's soul goes through at times completely silently. Empathy is essential in making us more humane.

Is empathy an emotion that's all worth the massive hype?

It sure is a miracle when we can place ourselves in somebody else's shoes and have a look at their trapped situation completely through their perception without asking them to go through their pain again and again.  The lack of communication skills of a certain individual stands no chance to act as a hindrance to your ability to feel their actual depth of emotions. Human emotions are very complex and it differs from person to person and it's varied in the ways it's portrayed or in multiple ways, it chooses to exist or force out. Empathy sure is an attribute that helps to hold onto mankind's loosely knit fabric. True that people always have an inclination towards the person with more empathy because it's only human to want to be next to someone who empathizes without actually being judgmental.

Should we put an extreme focus on the emulation of empathy into our kids?

Empathyis a value that sure calls for amalgamation in every kid and budding adults and the aged alike for building humans who actually care without any boundaries. Children undoubtedly learn to mimic the deeds and emotional pattern of the ones closest to them and rightly so, if focused well on human emotions that actually matter, you gift your child with the most beautiful human gift of empathy.

Empathy is a miraculous emotion that effectively guides us to act accordingly to a situation. Sensitive issues indeed require so much more than a calm of ignorant reaction. It demands a determined, loving yet understanding hand. The world is a tough place with unexpected turns and twists of events. People always look up to places and humans who focus on good love and empathy which conquers human evils but doesn't divide.  It's often easy for someone to lose track of mind, travel down the lonely lane in utter desperation and feel absolutely shattered. An uncertain turn of events is always heartbreaking but even times as hard as these can be combated given you have an empathy laced family or friend.

Some varied types of human empathy.

From cognitive empathy to somatic empathy to emotional empathy, humans showcase their range of variability even in a single emotion that they portray.

Cognitive empathy:

Heartfelt and a corrective criterion to cope up with the sufferer's mental trauma that doesn't directly transfer to the other one.

Emotional empathy:

The people who have more attachment to others and their pain in a depth that holds more than the normal range are known to have emotional empathy.

Somatic empathy:

A gift and a curse to very few is the empathetic reaction on a physical level. When it comes to somatic empathy, a person is actually capable of feeling the in-depth mental and physical trauma that an individual is going through.

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