3 Top Advantages of Microsoft Azure Cloud

Posted by eHosting DataFort on February 7th, 2020

The cloud computing system has emerged as an integral element of the contemporary corporate environment. Companies around the planet nowadays use the system of cloud computing to simplify their IT tasks and reduce their operational expenses.

The cloud computing system basically offers companies a range of on-demand storage and computing services through the internet, subsequently enabling them to easily run their web applications without investing in any fixed IT infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure is wholly managed and controlled by their relevant service provider, and hence enables the relevant client organization to avoid any hassles related to their up-gradation or maintenance. This factor plays an important role in effectively freeing both the time and resources of the client organization and provides their staff members with more time to focus on the key business goals of their company.

The Microsoft Azure Cloud

With the consistently and rapidly growing popularity of the system of cloud computing, many internationally renowned brands have entered this industry. Companies like Microsoft also now offer a range of their very own cloud computing services.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that has been created by Microsoft and was released in the year 2010. This platform is meant for building, deploying, testing and even managing applications with the help of Microsoft-managed data centres. Companies around the world can enjoy a number of crucial IT resources through competent managed Azure services.

The wide range of Microsoft Azure resources and services can be utilized by organizations belonging to almost all industries and sectors. People can easily avail a plethora of networking, computing, storage and analytics services through this competent and popular public cloud computing platform.

The top advantages offered by the Microsoft Azure platform include:

  •  Security: Through Microsoft, Azure companies can avail a number of cutting-edge security tools and resources. These premium technologies can go a long way in enabling organizations to make sure that all their vital data is adequately protected and secured. The Microsoft Azure system allows companies to avail a number of security tools and services that are developed and designed specifically to enhance the overall security level of a particular cloud environment. The various security tools that can be availed through the Azure cloud include Multi-Factor Authorization, Threat Intelligence, Azure Information Protection, and Advanced Threat Monitoring.

  •  Privacy: The Microsoft Azure allows their discerning clients to both own and control the collection, distribution, and use of their own data. They are always adequately informed of how their company data is being managed, where it is located, and who all have access to it and at what terms.
  •  Cost-Effectiveness: The Microsoft Azure cloud allows companies to follow an easy and flexible pay-as-you-go payment plan. Hence, their clients only are required to pay for the extent of resources and tools they actually use, and not pay a penny more.

To enjoy absolutely smooth and efficient Microsoft Azure services, companies can consult any specialized service provider who offers expert support for this system. There are many third-party managed Azure service providers around the world through whom people can avail of the support of local cloud engineers and top-tier system administrators for their Azure cloud system.

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