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Samurai Shodown is a fighting game series by SNK in Japan, it is famous for its ‘rage gauge’ a meter that only increases as the player receives damage which when fully activates. It was launched in 1993 and gained extreme popularity from then to now several series of the game has been launched in Japan and some other parts of the world. The Samurai Shodown has several characters from the past as well as present series, these characters are different from one another in their personality powers and deeds.

Samurai Shodown characters

  1. AKU AMAKUSA: its spirit is just divided into two halves one good and the other one master of evil which brings destruction to Japan and Shambhala. It also steals Zankuro to fuel his powers, Amakusa also kidnaps a young Kunoichi named Hazuki from the Ninja Clan. The main purpose of this Samurai Showdown Character is to revive his evil power and bring destruction to Japan.
  2. Azami: she is the wife of Genan and always confronts him to not put himself in dangerous situations and reminds him of his family. Azami pleads Genan to not fight at Shimbhara but he leaves Azami and dies by the end of the story. In Samurai Shodown character II she pleads again to Genan to not to get involved in a fight with Ryuhaku but he turns to fight where he learns that his wife his pregnant and he returns home, a year later Azami gives birth to their second son Fedora.
  3. Black Hawk: he is a NativeAmericanCharacter whose father was killed during the revolutionary war. For taking revenge heads to the Shaman of his tribe who advises him to travel east to meet his destiny. Black Hawks motive is to punish trespassers and take revenge for his father’s death. This Samurai showdown character is unique and has a balanced technique which he uses to protect his people.
  4. Nakoruru: among many Samurai Shodown character Nakuru is a common mascot and fighter. She is a calm and shy person but can respond and understand nature she can shears the voice of souls, helps in healing wounds and reflecting projectiles the sender with her cloak.
  5. Angelica: She can induce an immense amount of pain without giving a hint of it due to the split personalities she possesses she is an amazing and most dominating Samurai Showdown character.

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