Focus on Foshan aluminum veneer, building materials art creates architectural gl

Posted by aihw on February 24th, 2020

As many individual buildings enter the city, aluminum veneer has widely entered people's horizons. While people are amazed, keenhai building materials are proud of their efforts behind it! Keenhai building materials have passed the scrutiny of scale, grasp of scale, and node research , Material selection, color analysis, etc., the use of suitable aluminum veneer products to achieve the overall concept of architectural functions and art.

Personalized space design can meet the functional needs of space through the aluminum curtain wall of Zhengyi building materials. Professionally design specific shapes to show the personality style of the space.

Keenhai building materials aluminum veneer is precisely combined with the concept of architectural design, and according to the visual characteristics of space design, the superior performance of aluminum veneer products is fully reflected. The three-dimensional aluminum ceiling art embodies the creativity of space separation to the fullest, and the bold imagination breaks through the constraints of space design.

Aluminum veneer is one of the most widely used modern building materials. Its advantage is that it is durable and can be shaped in any shape. In particular, it has become the best choice for the facade materials of high-rise buildings. The surface can also have different paints and coatings, which enriches people's visual feast in color and reflects the individual characteristics of modern architecture.

Keenhai building materials have only strict requirements on products and have not relaxed. While continuously improving product quality, we are also constantly innovating in product modeling, color and other aspects. We strive for excellence and adopt advanced architectural and decorative art concepts to withstand the test of time.

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